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7/10/2010 c1 3Whooligan
Hehehehehehehehehehehehe! I have offically hyperventallated thanks to this story! You are so amazing! God, I haven't laughed that hard in years... And now I shall recommend this genuis piece of work to all my pals!
3/10/2003 c1 35The Confused One
*can't stop laughing* I'm sorry but this is one of the funniest fics I've ever read! It's SO good! SO funny! LMAO *can't gush enough* I love it! Keep up the GREAT writing! :)
9/20/2001 c1 Laura
Very funny, like you sense of humour. Love the new names esp. Templeton "Faceman how my hair" Peck! I am English and asume you are also as you have summed the English up so well!
2/25/2001 c1 25Midnight Louie Flamingo Fedora
Great fic...I LOL'd all the way through.
9/30/2000 c1 The Facebabe Beach Monkee
DUDE! THIS WAS SWEET! (I was falling out of my chair laughing!) I loved the way you included your self in it. Great job!

9/10/2000 c1 H.M
Way funny, man! Really absurd, but in a good way!
8/27/2000 c1 stompy sara
Hi Jips! First read this at your site, thought I'd review it here, I absolutely love this, it had me rolling from beginning to end! B.A. singing had me goin' for hours. . .
8/22/2000 c1 wendy
you're a freak! oh, i love people with a fine sense of the absurd. this made me spit out my drink i was laughing so hard...hmmm did i share too much? :P

p.s. i love B.A. saying "that's just not cricket!"
8/21/2000 c1 Traci Lawrence
This is PRICELESS, Jip! LOL I love it!

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