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9/29/2008 c15 11101mizzpoet101

yes, i know, look who's talking right lol. lmafo... wel... i love that you selected to read my email first, yes i do crack you up don't i?

"“Stay here? Stay here. Of course. Of fucking course, why ever didn’t I think of staying in North Caro-fucking-lina, where the flies and spiders are so big they could eat my baby! Where everything seems to go very, very wrong, where time stopped fifty years ago! Yes, what a brilliant idea darling! Let’s call your Father now, shall we?”"

that was hilarious! LMFAO! aw jeff doesn't want you to swear in front of blake! SUCH A GOOD MAN!
9/26/2008 c15 5Sarcastic Nightmare
And i think Jeff just made a huge mistake then. Anyways awesome chapter and please update soon!
9/25/2008 c15 12Jewelgirl04
Oh my God. Charlotte was SPEECHLESS? Speechless? That's insane.

And I love you. And miss you. And need to talk to you... SON.
9/25/2008 c15 15giftiebee
Oh Chaz...your brilliance makes me so happy! I love that you have a brain-all your mythological references and whatnot ;)

You know what would make me extra uber happy? A Divas Next Door update, lmao. I lovers you!
9/25/2008 c15 31Tiffyxox
Ek, that was love.

Lmaoo at Randy's text.
9/25/2008 c15 187Failure Turtle
There's a second cruel intentions?

haha ugly ass brother
5/28/2008 c14 28AnimusPatronus
Awesome new chapter! I loved it! update soon please!
5/20/2008 c14 30SkyyRyder
Wow - I think that is the only word I can use to describe this. I'm amazed. I love the way these girls are so vindictive and manipulative. It has everything you could want in it, and not sparing any feelings what-so-ever. Amazing job, I can't wait to read more of this.
5/18/2008 c14 31Tiffyxox
Ooh, I loved it flower.

Poor Matthew. :P

Update soon. x
5/17/2008 c14 15giftiebee
This chapter was awesome. Tho...I have a slightly sad ache towards the end of it. I heart Matt.
5/16/2008 c14 11101mizzpoet101
fcking loved it
5/16/2008 c14 12Jewelgirl04
You bitch! You're killing off Matt! I can't believe it!

You're killing off all of my favorite wrestlers, dammit!

Ugh, but it's such a good chapter.

Here's to one hundred reviews, Charizard!

5/16/2008 c14 Kiss2Kill

Why didn't I see this before?

Damn Shannon. Sneaky little man.

First he gets blown, now he's gonna be a murderer..

5/16/2008 c14 3Deceiving Eyes
Poor Charlotte, having to be involved in the killing of her future brother-in-law.
5/16/2008 c14 187Failure Turtle
dude I'm leaving this from my phone.

YAY matt is alive!
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