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for The Strength of the Jedi

1/18/2010 c10 Ann Jinn
A beautiful story. Came across it in the Obi-Wan Qui-Gon series. Am glad I did.

Good work with the partnership and feelings between the two, master and padawan. Good title and the way you carried it over into the strength of the jedi.
11/16/2008 c10 40Jedi Ani Unduli
Yeah, totally awesome pretty Twi'lek comes to save the day! WHOPE! Ani is happy, and ani says to do more, so please, more?
7/16/2004 c9 jedi keliam kenobi
great!story. poor obi.:( i liked it. i look forward to more of your stories.:)
3/7/2003 c10 6Lobo Kendo
This was one of those incredibly long fics that I don't mind taking time out of my day to read. It was exciting, inspiring, and above all, entertaining. I'll read more of your works very soon and I hope they are all at this level of quality.
11/3/2001 c10 Ginger Ninja
*loud applause* Way to go sis! An excellent end to a superb fic! ^_^ So, will there be a sequel anytime soon? =D ~GN/GJ~
11/3/2001 c10 Jedi Jenn
Ohhhh, that was such a great story, good job!
11/3/2001 c5 Jedi Jenn
Noooooooooooo! You can't stop now, please post the next part! Hurry, I can't take the suspense!
10/12/2001 c9 shen panda
all i have to say is that i was a fool to believe that you could write a chapter that did not have a cliffhanger.
10/11/2001 c9 neoji
YES! IT IS ALMOST DONE! YAY! I totally love this fic and can't wait till the next chapter ^_^ Oh! And thanks for your e-mail! Well GOODLUCK on the next chapter and write on LoL :)
10/11/2001 c9 jedi jaina
urgh! another cliff-hanger another night without sleep. As usual it was well written so write another one as soon as you can!
10/11/2001 c9 79Ael L. Bolt
O_O Wow...
10/11/2001 c9 Becky
I'd love another email update! GREAT STORY! But you already knew that... :)
10/11/2001 c9 Ginger Ninja
SOOOOO good sis! Poor Obi! We are FAR too hard on the boy... ]:) Not that we should stop... =P Excellent writing and DON'T LET OBI DIE!
10/10/2001 c8 Salak
more more! this is so good!
10/8/2001 c1 36Jenn1
This was a great story
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