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3/28/2010 c1 10TeiggyBear
OMG, that happened to me a few weeks ago, bloody freaky. Great Job. :)
12/8/2007 c1 17AlterEgoSadist
A wonderful story! Very amusing to read! Keira was in-character, strangly enough. Scared as hell, she was... adding Tess in there was suprising. I thought Jak would come instead. And how did those two become roomates? I like that its based on a personal experience. I could kind of imagine you in the same predicament. There were a few grammar mistakes, but it wasn't distracting.

I'm glad you are back! I missed reading your work! You are a very good writer! Are you going to upate Runaway any time soon? Please let me know if you do! And I'm glad the San Diego Fire is gone and that you and your family are safe. Hopefully the rain will wash away the rest of the ashes and burnt stuff.

Keep on writing!

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