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3/21/2009 c7 12Diabolical Kitsutora
I don't know what all to say, but I'm glad you'll be working on this fanfic again. CX I know what you mean about duty calling, always seems to pop up when you need it the least.
3/21/2009 c7 21ThumperMiggles
Lol, no need to explain, we're just very glad you're back~! :3
10/1/2008 c6 tavisa
9/23/2008 c1 tavisa
9/4/2008 c6 2IchikoKitsuneKoumori
she had better be joking, Rosette with Uma?

Maybe Heaven shouldn't be saved.
9/4/2008 c5 IchikoKitsuneKoumori
Those assholes disgust me. HOW DARE THEY! they are horrible! All that hurt. pain. and suffering. they think having them come to heaven somehow makes it up to them. The memories are there still.
8/17/2008 c6 blurb
8/12/2008 c6 AlmightySeaKelp

Gah! Update soon, !
8/2/2008 c6 23The Fluffy Muffin Queen
What? ... WHAT? Rosette's gotta say no. Godren needs to be joking... Honestly... Please, update son!
7/19/2008 c6 1MercedesRavenAngelous
Aww.. that's not fair! You're already splitting up the cute couple, after so long of them being apart. Good chapter though - I can't wait for more!

7/14/2008 c6 16SageofAges729
Gr hiss rawr snarl snarl! Stupid Godren! Is she an absolute idiot! Seperating the Disasteous Duo wil only cause more chaos! Grah! But good story! I like what your doing! Keep it up!
7/11/2008 c6 Blurose93
First I would like to say that I absoutly love your style. It makes the story come alive for me and that is truly the most important thing you can do for your characters and your readers.

Second, thank you, in the name of God, for updating! I read this up to Chapter 5 and nearly died of anticipation. I wanted them to meet so badly...!

Lastly, I'm not sure I like how they aren't paired up by Goldren but I kinda saw it coming... I just hoped you wouldn't do it.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
7/11/2008 c6 30Lycoris Calantha
Oh, that was... to expected, I guess (I meant that they wouldn't be teamed up). Tzi's fun! I liked how sweet their reiunion was... it was so... poignant. Rosette? Butterfly? Good luck with the next chapter, you can do it!
7/10/2008 c5 1MercedesRavenAngelous
Yay! Welcome back! I'm glad you have finally updated again, and now that the summer is here, I hope that you will be able to update more frequently. I LOVE this story and I really hope that it continues. Interesting twist with Chrono being "Heaven's Horn" and now Rosette knows that Chrono is within her reach, maybe things will get even more interesting. I can't wait for more!

7/10/2008 c6 6WREIN
AH! XD Another great chapter, what can I say! So Rosette's working with Uma huh. Oh, did you know that in Japanese 'uma' means horse? just some random thing. Anyway, update soon! You've been good with updating! XD
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