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7/26/2019 c14 Feanariel
This was a very original and enjoyable crossover. I liked the ending, although I wasn't expecting George Lucas to make an actual appearance (so the OT was based on Palpatine's visions of the future? :)
7/25/2019 c10 Feanariel
That went well! The misunderstandings have now piled up considerably.
7/24/2019 c4 Feanariel
I am intrigued! When I read that mirrors give their owners power, I thought to myself that Palpatine probably had one, and I was right :)
1/4/2016 c14 MattKennedy
Fun story! :)
5/7/2014 c14 12The Writer Es
7/2/2011 c14 2Imperial Dragon
An amazing cross-over, and Wolf was so endearing in trying to help the Star Wars World.
5/25/2009 c14 2Dream's Abyss
Well this is certainly unique.
11/6/2008 c14 Admiral Lily
Well there ya go, then. I had to laugh at the GL parts but excellent story. I would have preferred more from Anakin's and Padme's POVs but I understand why that couldn't be under the circumstances.

Well done.
11/6/2008 c10 Admiral Lily
Curses! Oh the "just missed" opportunities. You know I never liked Windu very much. Still don't. And awesome twist there at the end with Mace thinking Wolf is a Sith. :D Of course now I'm very worried as to where this is going. *bites nails* And I'm not a nail biter.
11/6/2008 c9 Admiral Lily
The last three lines were gold. GOLD I TELL YA! Awesome. And no matter how much you describe that the "real people" don't look exactly like the actors from Star Wars I can't help but picture anything but HC, EW, NP, et al. :D
11/6/2008 c8 Admiral Lily
A simply amazing job in tying all these pieces together. So far all Virginia and Wolf had to do was show up and already they're changing things. But will it be enough? Guess I'll have to read on to find out. :D
11/6/2008 c7 Admiral Lily
I know I'm halfway through the fic and only now commenting but perhaps that's because we just got a great Anakin & Obi-wan brother moment. I'm such a sucker for those. Well done on the story so far. Can't wait for the rest. I admit I was skeptical at first but you've done well and deserve praise for it.
12/21/2007 c1 Nightbreeze Elf
Love both worlds! love the idea of combining them in one story. Have only read the first chapter but LOVE it so far will read the rest soon.
12/18/2007 c14 4Sexy Scottish Accent
This story is so frickin AWESOME! I LOVE IT! Wow, this was really great! I'm glad it ended happily ever after. Virginia and Wolf should live in the Star Wars universe...yup...that would be awesome. This story is going in my faves, as are you!
12/18/2007 c7 Sexy Scottish Accent
I really like this story a lot! Wolf cracks me up. I'm glad that Anakin is talking to Obi-Wan like this. NO! Obi-Wan *needs* to talk to Virginia! Sorry...that was kinda random...
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