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4/24/2019 c4 Iuvsbruce
This was the PERFECT exploration of all the emotions brought up with "Miller's Crossing". I loved that episode for the friendship shown. I love how they always had Sheppard revealing the depth of his care for his team through actions instead of words. John Sheppard is my all time favourite character. Thank you so very much for your amazing story!
10/2/2012 c4 15scifi-karis
I'm glad you put a lot of thought into the ending of this story. It shows. I love the dialogue between Sheppard and Rodney. Very realistic and oh-so-true!
5/26/2010 c4 2hajimebassaidai
This is brilliant with no easy answers to the emotional issues and none to the ethical dilemmas or self-examination either.

Nice balance struck as well with John not becoming invincible and Rodney that fine see-saw of courage and panic he always has.

Loved it!
3/21/2008 c4 MiaRose 156
An Interesting story
1/28/2008 c4 Space1Traveler
I like to read things that make me sit back and think, the big issues in life. I don't always like fluff, romance and adventure. You did an excellent job on bringing the issues raised in Miller's Crossing out into the open, letting me turn them over and look at their underbelly, and decide some issues of my own. Thank you, well done!
12/17/2007 c4 61spookysister7
12/15/2007 c4 8Obsessed Pam
Such deep and disturbing issues raised here with a most plausible explanation offered by Shep without trying to offer a sugar-coated ending. Thoroughly enjoyed this story though a picture of you doing your Morris dancing is proving somewhat of a distraction to my continued thoughts on this piece!
12/14/2007 c4 Capt.Cow
Hey! This was an awesome fic! I loved the way you mixed whump with introspection, without anything feeling too forced. It was a perfect balance, and a great story. Can't wait to read more of your work.
12/14/2007 c4 2jellybean367
LOVED IT... it was awsome... all 4 chapters (coulda been longer...lol not perfect the way it is... i really mean that )

write again :) :)

12/14/2007 c4 10angw
A very heavy subject to explore. There is never a right answer for what happened and the incident will never be closed I think. I like the exploration of the issues and the ending. Nicely done.
12/14/2007 c4 29LinziDay
"But a rescue curtailed things before they were properly ended. It plucked you free before you had to face the consequences of your actions. It cheated. He still had no idea how far down the path of heroism he was prepared to walk."

Very nice! And I love the subtle, you-don't-see-it-until-the-end tie in to Millers Crossing and the moral questions that ep brought up. Great writing!
12/14/2007 c4 7krysalys
*pets you*

Excellent introspective character piece, hon. The whump was also yummy. ;) Wonder if the dog bites are gonna scar on Rodney?

12/14/2007 c4 21deichtine
Outstanding work as always. I am always ecstatic to see one of your stories posted, no matter that they're usually terribly angsty and gloomy - it's dark done WELL! If that makes sense.

Man, I wish *I* had a horde of drunken Morris dancers to go carouse with. I have a gig tonight with my Celtic band at a bar but well, it's not the same. :)

Can't wait until your next work.
12/14/2007 c4 13JennK528
Enjoy your drunken Morris dancer carousing. *g*

Wonderful fic! Hard stuff to write about - life isn't neat endings, and I like how you showed the boys just doggedly getting on with it...And I am also grateful for the "deus ex machina" rescue, because I knew I just couldn't handle a torture scene of any kind like the priest had in mind...Thank you for the timely rescue.

And I like how you started the story in the middle, cutting to the, er, chase right away...*g* Terrific story-telling, as always.
12/14/2007 c4 Baileysmom
I am impressed. It was thoughtful. It was thought provoking. These are things that a good writer can do and you should be proud of your work. I wish you well.
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