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5/18/2015 c1 26junienmomo
It's like you were playing one of my favorite songs, the kind that give me warm fuzzies when I hear it on the radio and wonder why I don't listen to it every day.
The variety of 'don'ts' was marvelous, giving real insight to the thoughts of the characters.
6/26/2014 c1 Bob
Don't get it. 99% of the story is pointless repeats of the show.
8/19/2009 c1 ThatxGirlxThere
This story was so cute. I loved all of those moments between them. I really loved the end. It was cool how they kept saying dont do something to each other which was obviously your goal. Great job though. I really loved it. :)

7/7/2008 c1 5Miguel51
That was excellent.

Loved how you used the word 'Don't' throughout the entire story. It's amazing how one word could bring out so much emotion.
4/12/2008 c1 296mmooch
You were driving me nuts with the recap of all the near misses!
12/14/2007 c1 1sarahb2007
your ending it there? seriously? this needs to be continued
12/13/2007 c1 6GGjunkie33
Aw, so sweet! Great job with the internal commentary! Loved your change at the end! : )
12/13/2007 c1 23Melissa Larkin
Great story! :)
12/13/2007 c1 35gilmorefanforever
That was really amazing. Who knew you could use the word "don't" so many times and not get redundant? Nice job.
12/13/2007 c1 3Copop
Man, there are really so many missed opportunities. Darn. They could have been together for so long.

But the end leaves me frustrated.

Will Luke get married anyway? Well, I don't think so. Maybe he doesn't even think about going on that trip anymore...

I'd like to find out about that one some time :)

Until the next update on MM :D
12/13/2007 c1 2Ahodyuinsentaim
wow. that was really great. love the insight into what they may have been thinking feeling. great job:)
12/13/2007 c1 2Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
12/13/2007 c1 68DiehardJavaJunkie14
And I am absolutely thrilled that you wrote this. You're a great writer and I love reading your take on all of these moments. Amazing job!
12/13/2007 c1 25JavaForever
Wow, so good! What else can I say? It was sweet, angsty, all that good stuff. I liked the ending especially! Very nice!
12/13/2007 c1 11vaso.caskett
aw that was a cute oneshot. Especially their inner thoughts and the last part. Luke not wanting to kiss her so he doesn't know what he is missing. perfect!
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