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for When Red Roses Bloom Yellow

9/6/2016 c14 Honey
Good story . I still can't believe that sonic wants to left amy just because he wants to know about his past . Ugh how disgusting
And I hate that stupid worthless ridiculous princess , I hate her so much . I don't even bothered to know her stupid name .
I was hoping sonic to punch her right in the face
Anyway good story
And sorry for my bad English
3/6/2016 c6 Guest
One question ,does sonics back heal I'm confused
11/8/2015 c13 Oswaldok
story had everything humor, sad, love mixture of everything good :)
1/2/2014 c14 Guest
I love this best one that I read keep it up ! :-)
10/15/2013 c14 Crystal
YEY! I got a cookie! Yum! Thankyou! :D

This is a great story! I almost cried at some parts! It was sad in some parts, joyful in the other and it had ALLOT of drama but it ended with a happy ending. I hope you've written more storys. It would be great to read them :)
8/27/2013 c14 8Phemon13
I'm so emotionally drained that you could fill me with gallons of emotions for months and STILL get nowhere!
Great Job!
6/9/2013 c14 sonamy4love14
This story... is SO AMAZING!. I mean seriously it had all my emotions running laps inside me.
I'm so happy that Sonic got to know his past... annd realise the mistakes he made towards his friends... oops sorry... his family XD
6/5/2013 c14 vantantae
OMG! That was amazing its like I was in the story omg! I was crying at the sad parts, laughing at the funny parts, and shaking at the scary parts omg! U R AWESOME!
5/22/2012 c14 JulieTheChipmunk
this was... there are so many words in the world i cant chose the right one for this story! :D i loved it and cant wait till tomarrow when i start the next one :) so in short i loved this story there are no words to discribe it and cant wait for the next. :)

3 with all love for this story 3

3 -JulieTheChipmunk 3
9/1/2011 c14 OHSHCSonAmyBoom1997
Hahaha lol silver said sonic's planet name wrong...wait that's my last name without and h! Anyways I loved it it was realistit, romantic, actiony, and humoris( idk how to spell it) best story I read on this web!
6/14/2011 c13 Sonamy4eva
Awesome so fucking cute
11/12/2010 c9 4mrsvilliers-xo
OMG i had a pen in my hand while i was reading this an i SNAPPED it! i wish that was celicia's head! i hate her much! *gets giant pair of scissors and cuts the little b**ch into millions and millions of pieces!*
11/6/2010 c9 epicshit99
8/26/2010 c14 1001SonAmy01
That was brilliant. What more can I say? I really enjoyed reading it, well done!

But, erm, what about Sonic's pain? Did they not cure him, then? :(
8/26/2010 c4 01SonAmy01
lol The part where Knuckles said that he falls down that hill all the time made me laugh! This is great so far :) (Well, so far of what I've read) :)
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