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for battle of the bands: boys vs girls

10/3/2014 c3 Jj ambrose
More chapters please
9/13/2014 c2 Alicia V
Yes! I am so happy to see you are going to update soon. I am looking forward to the new chapter.
9/12/2014 c4 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
5/27/2011 c3 mrs.addiecullen
3/4/2011 c3 derekncasey
glad your back love the story.
3/2/2011 c3 3Silverspear
Okay if you kill any of the characters I will total never read this story ever again... Even through I loved it but still I'm serious I like the other characters and I don't like the sad crap that would have to come with them firing so don't kill and of the siblings!
11/14/2008 c1 11cherryblossomjen
I like that you have Nora going to London. I like when stories take place in places and situations that we don't typically see on the show. That said, how sad that Lizzie is so miserable.
10/8/2008 c2 18FlamingRose11
first of all, i would watch your punctuation. you're starting to have a lot of run-on sentences that get really confusing. it's also very matter-of-factly. try to add some feeling and natural wit like your author's note in chapter one. also, you might want to look at your characters. the Venturi boys are seeming to be ruthless and malicious, which they're not, they're just annoying, and Lizzie isn't so much of a push over as you show her to be. i would recommend either having her more headstrong, or giving a reason to why she does what her step-siblings tell her to do. don't forget also that Edwin is the "sensitive one". you have great potential in this story.i'd keep going! put some twists in and you've got a story!
8/2/2008 c2 10emalyd4295
great chapter, please update soon
1/17/2008 c2 4evermore.x3
This was good! I cant wait ot see what happens

1/16/2008 c2 7DarkndTwisty
HEy i love this update soon!
1/16/2008 c2 21Someone Stole My Cookie
Love it! Can'y wait for more! PLEASE update soon!
1/16/2008 c2 eternalwhimsy
nice idea, like the chappie, keep writing.
1/16/2008 c2 611Ghostwriter
Great job. Dad's name is Dennis (I think you had it in the last chap), but you called him David here. Just wanted to let ya know. Catch ya on the flip side.
1/16/2008 c2 LF7
i loved the idea of this story. Keep up the good work. Update soon.
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