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for Mandalore's Vendetta

2/22/2013 c7 Not a Guest 22
Great story! (A bit fluffy, but that is what makes it what it is!)

Any chance you are considering the sequel still? I know its been five years and all but...

Anyway, Good Luck with anything you may do here on FF in the future
1/14/2013 c7 3Echoh
Well, not near as long as some of the stories I've read, but really pretty good nonetheless. Great job!
2/17/2010 c5 18pride1289

is this sarastwin95 and WHAT fanfic that could possibly be jango/boba do you SPEAK of?
2/17/2010 c6 pride1289

Manifest Destiny is the fuh shitz *tongue wiggle*

so very SEXY! XD

Can't wait for the sequel of that 3
11/19/2009 c4 5Duchess-Ahsoka
11/19/2009 c2 Duchess-Ahsoka
YODA? I did not know that!
11/7/2009 c1 9JedimasterFett
3 Beautiful...
10/31/2009 c7 6dragon age origins guy
perfect ending i wish it was like this in the second flim! bravo and you should do a prequel and sequel
10/31/2009 c6 dragon age origins guy
Love it. every second was so good!
10/31/2009 c5 dragon age origins guy
so sad and such a hard choice poor jango and zam :( great chapter though!
10/31/2009 c4 dragon age origins guy
Oh that was a sweet chapter i love this story so much 5/5 :)
10/31/2009 c3 dragon age origins guy
Love the alone scene very well done!
10/31/2009 c2 dragon age origins guy
nice fight and i never really thought of a crazt jedi great idea loved the chapter and the romance!
10/31/2009 c1 dragon age origins guy
I love this i wish she didn't die they wake such a good couple ^_^
10/15/2009 c7 43Coli Chibi
It was a nice story, but Jango was VERY ooc. Also, Zam and Jango probably don't like each other like that. Zam has betrayed Jango several times, and Jango. well, killed Zam. Though, later on he was disturbed by the fact that he did.

However, the story was very well written, and I loved it. I'm adding it to favorites.
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