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7/22/2009 c8 6hazel eyes 02
cool story, i'll definately check out the sequel
12/24/2007 c8 Frankii
For some reason, I can't sign in, but I'm reviewing anyway!

This is DEFINETLY my favourite chapter, they kissed!

This was written really well, I have to admit, you set the mood just right, it's perfect!

Rach would've loved it, and you've really done your best work so far on this one, it' amazing!
12/23/2007 c7 flawed argument
"If you have so much creativity to put down other people work put it to better use and write your own stuff."

Why? Because only people who have written fanfiction can critique it? Funny, that's not how it works in the real world.

Not to mention that you're assuming negative reviewers aren't writing. Why only negative reviewers? If you're going to insult them for their perceived lack of creative output, then hold the positive reviewers to the same high standards. After all, if they don't write, how can you trust them to know whether your work is good?
12/22/2007 c6 Hiro
Seriously, you've got me totally addicted to this story; it's really good, although he kinda sucked at the proposal, right? I mean, seriously, he couldn't have messed that up, more, practically standing her up!

Still, it all worked out in the end, right?
12/22/2007 c6 9Who-I-am-x
The proposal was BRILLIANT! I mean, seriously, I was like...oh, is he gonna have the guts to do it?

I mean, talk about tension!

Seriously, it was amazing, especially the way he almost stood her up, in the MIDDLE of a date; I loved it!

Oh, and I also loved the way Syaoran forgot to invite Meilin to the party, it added a nice little touch to an already great chapter!
12/21/2007 c5 L15AAA
Oh i see, everyday a chapter. Thats cool
12/21/2007 c5 Who-I-am-x
Hah, I made him review first, coz I was checking the bathroom, to make sure it was to a good standard!

Anyways, another amazing chapter, I loved the way Tong was so desperate for the photo, and eventually wore Syaoran down, in the end; and, I loved the way Syaoran dismissed the idea of Mei being his girlfriend, too!

Great chapter, can't wait for the next!
12/21/2007 c5 Hiro
She's just made me clean the damn bathroom, and now she's making me review again, because she's inspecting my work. Thanks for THAT!

Anyway, Tong sorta sounded a little obsessive in this chapter; I mean, all that, just for a photo?

Still, it made me laugh!

(In a good way, mind.)
12/20/2007 c4 L15AAA
You updated fast, im pleased =].
12/20/2007 c4 Hiro
Yep, she's making me review AGAIN; still, it's pretty good, so I guess I haven't got too much to complain about, really.

And wow, Tong's braver than me, taking a girl shopping!

Good chapter, I'll continue to review, because I'm sure she won't let me hear the end of it, if I don't.
12/20/2007 c4 Who-I-am-x
Another brilliant chapter!

I loved the flashback, in this one, where he first begins to try and change her, and the way she bought into it, slowly...and I loved the way she kept the dress, in the end, it's kinda like closure, because, in the end, she didn't let the fact that it held memories of him get in the way; and I can't WAIT for the next installment!
12/20/2007 c3 1usanotsuki
when will i see touya here?.. ;P
12/19/2007 c3 L15AAA
I liked it. Keep up the good work
12/19/2007 c3 Hiro
Yeah, she's making me review.

But hey, it's actually pretty good, I have to admit, even if I did distract her from editing God knows how many times! (Hey, I do have to be out in a couple of days, you know, I'm making the most of it!) - I like the story, even if I'm not all that familiar with CCS, apart from when Rachel and Frankii used to talk about it, lolz.

I do feel sorry for Tong, though (even though cheating is gravely wrong, and you should NEVER do it!), I mean, smashing a guys TV is bad enough, but the CAR?

Pure evil.
12/19/2007 c3 please label AU
Because it's certainly not the real world OR the canon world, if it's in the same continuity as the other fic. NEWSFLASH: Not everyone is Christian. Some places are only 1% Christian by population. Japan is one of those places. A town where the Shinto shrine is a center of the community is very, VERY unlikely to have a large Christian presence in this universe where logic works.

Do you need lipgloss for your friend? That's the standard in these situations.
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