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12/19/2007 c3 9Who-I-am-x
You used her name, you used her name, you used her name!

I know I've already read it, but it still made me smile, nonetheless!

Oh, and Hiro looked completely shocked to see Rachel's name there, too, you should've seen his face!

The thing is, she even acted like the real Rach, with all the squealing, lolz!

I loved the way you made Suki behave, too, thinking Tong actually wanted her, now that Meilin was out the picture!

I also loved the way you made Tong almost paranoid about Meilin's guy friends, and yet, as we know, he's the one who inevitably cheats on her.

It's almost as though he's got a guilty conscience, even in the early stages, and it's brilliant!

As always, keep up the good work!

12/18/2007 c2 sigh again
"And none of the T would be for Tomoyo because no matter how the anime went and other authors write I don’t really like the YAOI stuff."

Well then, you're in luck! Tomoyo/Meiling isn't yaoi, it's shoujo-ai or yuri, depending on how explicit it is. Not a smidgeon of yaoi at all!

"And how could I paired her up with Tomoyo if Tomoyo belongs to Eriol."

Gosh, Tomoyo has the *worst* choice in crushes. First she falls in love with the completely oblivious Sakura, then her second love is an adult man with a girlfriend he's been with longer than he's known her?

"And there isn’t anything to tell about any break up between Toya and Yukito since in my point of view they aren’t really together."

Then by that logic, Sakura and Syaoran aren't together, either. Touya and Yukito got the exact same terminology as Sakura and Syaoran, "the one who is most important to me". Doesn't get more together than that in CCS-verse.

"This story doesn’t have magic, and it is nothing related to CCS only the characters belong to there."

Yeah, and I'm willing to bet that even the characters are the CCS characters in name only. Why not give up the pretense and write original fiction? All you'd have to do is change a handful of names AND you wouldn't need to worry about canon facts messing up your prejudices.
12/18/2007 c2 Ms. Decadence
Another brilliant chapter!

I loved the way you portrayed Tong as this wonderfully romantic guy, in the beggining of their relationship; it makes the reader wonder exactly where it all went wrong for them;

You really brought out the independance of Meilin, made her almost confident that she could move on.
12/18/2007 c1 Ms. Decadence
I loved it.

I mean, Frankii told me it was going to be brilliant, but I never realised just HOW brilliant it was going to be.

Your characters have an amazing depth, I love how you showed us a glimpse of the cowardess of Suki, the selfishness of Tong, and the way you made Meilin break all of his possesions, the way he'd broken her.

12/18/2007 c2 Who-I-am-x
Aah, this chapter's SO romantic (even Hiro agreed with me, and that's saying something, right?) - I love the way Tong sort of wore her down, and, even if they're not my FAVE couple, they're a close second, I have to admit!

Hah, the way Tong was reacting didn't half remind me of someone not to far away (and he's glaring at me again, now!)

I love the way you made Meilin see the real her, again, the Meilin Li that was around long before Tong tried to change her; he's a bit of an idiot, really, doesn't he know you're not supposed to change the ones you love, but love them for themselves?

Oh, and I also loved the way she burnt all the slutty clothes, all the make up he'd made her wear, as though simply throwing all those things away wasn't good enough, she had to be sure they were thoroughly destroyed.
12/17/2007 c1 Who-I-am-x
You've really done Rach proud in this one, and, OBVIOUSLY, I love it! Can't wait for the next installment, it was brilliant!

I loved the way you had Meilin trash Tong's apartment (between this and what's happening in BR, he needs a break!), and I loved the fact that you mentioned Suki, too, and the way you had her trying to avoid them both, scared of Meilin;

Well, what can I say? They really DID break up in style, I don't think anyone else could do it quite like Meilin, and the red paint was a VERY nice touch, it reminded me of what Mei did to Ruby in The Past!

Like I say, keep up the good work, I don't wanna spoil it for your other readers, so I'll just say, watch this space, there's plenty of fun to be had with this fic!
12/17/2007 c1 sigh
You cannot comprehend how deeply, deeply disappointed I am that neither of the T's paired with Meiling is Tomoyo.

If you're going to pair her up with Touya, at least explain why he's no longer with Yukito, and do it without making either of them OOC. For example, a messy affair/breakup is pretty much out of the question.
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