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12/29/2013 c9 Ross
I miss this story! Please update soon
11/5/2013 c9 3IwouldrockJoshuaJacksonsWorld
Enjoying your story hope you keep it up.
12/7/2011 c8 1A.Williamson
So having just found this story I have to say I really like it. But I'm wondering are u going to finish it? I hope so!
11/14/2011 c8 Elle
"Because he always thought he was that guy - the guy who would swoop down and save another kid from a broken home, the guy who would pull a Sandy Cohen and pay back to the world what he got, the guy who would open his heart and his home completely and thoroughly if he ever got the chance. And now he has the chance, but he isn't that guy anymore. And he hates Oliver so much for doing that." - Ryan Atwood.

One of my favourite lines ever. You've done a great job capturing Ryan's turmoil and I also love how supporting Marissa is in your fic. She is like a real mother, a real wife and I never could have imagined her turning out like that. Anyways, I think its important for you to not stay true to her character for this fic. it would be weird for her to make everything about her, when the real issues loom large.

I love the ryan/Seejay scene at the end. I loved how real it felt.

Please update soon.

- Elle Andre
11/13/2011 c8 5tcsportsmed7
I like that Ryan had flashbacks. That is definitely realistic, and the interaction between Marissa and Ryan in this chapter felt very real. I very much enjoyed the Ryan/Seejay bonding moment over dishes and a bagel. I love how reticent Seejay is. It's very realistic. One thing I'm hoping to see more of is how Seejay really feels about Ryan. Realistically I think it would take Seejay a long time to trust Ryan. I actually think it's possible that they may take a long time to trust each other, but somehow I feel that realistically Ryan has more to prove to Seejay. I liked Ryan's reluctance to have Seejay and Grace hang out, and I liked how honest Ryan was with Seejay, implying to him that he's letting him stay more so because of his wife but not necessarily because he trusts him yet. Overall, great job! :)
11/5/2011 c7 Guest
Gr8 chap. Update asap
10/30/2011 c7 Elle

i have no other words. spellboud. the start with that Seejay/Marissa scene and the end with that ryan/Seejay scene was perfect. The Ryan/Marissa scene was poignant. It had touches of sandy/kirsten but was ofcourse so much more darker, because Ryan would obvi have more trust issues.

I loved Grace and her little tidbits.

Hope you continue...
10/21/2011 c6 tcsportsmed7
I think it's great actually. :) I really want to see Ryan's reaction. I would actually prefer it if he's not angry at Seejay... if he realized that Seejay was protecting him. And I'd like Seejay and Ryan to bond.
10/21/2011 c4 tcsportsmed7
I didn't feel it was out of character for a grown up R/M at all in the start. It makes sense that they'd be a bit mushier twenty years later, especially with two kids.

I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I'm interested to see what evil Oliver is up to...
10/21/2011 c3 tcsportsmed7
This was a great chapter. I like the Atwood family dynamic. I can picture Ryan and Marissa's banter easily. Ryan is sexy in this fic... I can picture Ben (McKenzie) doing this stuff. :) The Seejay/Jason dynamic is interesting as well and Grace is a good character. I particularly enjoyed Ryan's reaction to Marissa waking him up at 3 in the morning. I could so easily picture his grumpy mood. Interested to see how the rest unfolds and if Ryan sees Oliver... also interested to see how Seejay ends up in jail. He doesn't seem like a kid up to no good (unlike Oliver back in the day).
10/21/2011 c1 tcsportsmed7
You know, this is actually interesting! :D I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
10/19/2011 c6 thesandman
hope u update. want to see how Ryan reacts
10/19/2011 c6 Elle
nice chapter. update asap
10/12/2011 c5 maygodtakechancesonyou
Love the new take on an old story. Update asap
10/8/2011 c5 ally
Great chapter. You've done a good job making me believe that seejay is a good guy and I'd never have thought that I could, him being oliver's son. Now I can't wait for oliver's plans to be derailed and I,m guessing that seejay plays a big part in that and then marissa bails him out. I can't wait for u to explore the family dynamics that will happen then. Its going to be some awsome shit. You are a great writer and I can't believe that your story isn't getting more reviews.
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