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10/6/2011 c1 2SteveSki
Yeah...looking forward to seeing how you kill off Oliver and how you build the new family dynamics...
5/13/2011 c4 3aholmdahl
Wow, you are an amazing writer. You should keep writing this story, it's way intense!
5/4/2011 c4 1AnnaWhite83
I really hope you do come back to writing this story, it feels like there is something missing from it all now. Please please continue soon.
2/8/2008 c4 7CohenNAtwood
Awesome...Anxious to see what happens next...
1/17/2008 c4 kursk
Great chapter, I can't wait for Oliver's plans to be derailed.

Hopefully he won't affect them much.
1/16/2008 c4 Em
Just read this story! its awsme!continue quick!
1/14/2008 c4 k
great update. update asap!
1/13/2008 c4 1BlueDepths
Thrilled to finally see a good quality fic out here on another that I don't read at LJ anyways.

You're doing great with the storyline, but more fluff would be appreciated. Haha!
1/12/2008 c4 newportgirl22
Wow what an awesome post! Seriously it was amazing! And I really do feel forSejay he seems a tons more diiferent than his dad! I also love theRyan and Marissa passion scenes! They are so cute and hot at the same time...LOL! Post soon!
1/10/2008 c4 50newportz-princess
OMFG that was awesome. Can't wait for the update.
12/29/2007 c3 newportgirl22
Heey extrmely great post! Love the Ryan and Marissa talk at the beginning they are absolutely adorable! And Seejay I feel so bad for him he sounds like he's trying to be alot more different than his dad is! I'm glad Jason is ok! Post soon!
12/29/2007 c3 k
R/M are the cutest i have evr seen them. aw.I like the way you have described Oliver's character through his son, its something different. want to know where you are taking this. continue.
12/29/2007 c3 kursk
Good chapter, I can't wait for more developments, and seeing more in the "future"
12/29/2007 c3 El
keep up the good work.

i want to kn hw ds oliver thng unfolds.
12/28/2007 c3 14Fanpire101
Really good. That was quite good. Keep it up.

Madusa and the Wizard
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