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9/26/2014 c1 skyviolet15
wowwwww... zoro is a gentle...
5/29/2013 c1 ClaireZoRonoa
Interesting... I really do like your vision of respect that you managed to write down in this fic. But I think you should have described Zoro "a little gentler". Ok, it's Zoro, though I think it would underline better the fact that, finally, he really loves her.
2/7/2013 c1 Trunksmybaby
it was awesome! Enjoyed it alot!
7/13/2011 c1 minami
It was ummmm...simply beautiful.
8/18/2010 c1 KitChi
very nicely written~ simple.. but meaningful~ *adds to favs~* ^_^
11/13/2008 c1 3AlleluiaElizabeth
This was excellent, I think. It really makes sense for Nami to think like this.

From her scoffing about those innocent (and, to her, naive and childish) views on romance to the fact that respect was what she needed. It *wasn't* "love", at least not the kind of shallow love that those girls would giggle about. It was deeper and more.

That is what I gleaned from this one shot. :)

I do have to say, though I do adore this fic, the last line just... doesn't tie it up for me. And it's just the last line, nothing else. I dunno. It feels like that line should wrap up your point. Feels like it should make a stronger impact than it does. Maybe the last line should say something about respect in it? I dunno. The ending line just lacked somehow.

Still, a good read. Goes perfectly with Nami's character and psychology. You describe exactly the kind of romance a girl with her history would really need.
8/18/2008 c1 shannon

wow. a little bit different, but i still really like it!

everything you write always manages to sound so beautiful.

you should write a nana fic! hachixnobuo is so sweet.

anyways, ill be off now.

6/16/2008 c1 33randomcat23
Well, I found that incredibly touching. I mean, it didn't need the details to get the point across. Loved the way you described their relationship and how Zoro treated Nami. ^^

Thanks for the great read!
3/16/2008 c1 19AnimeAmie
wow O_O just...OMG WOW! O.O
2/8/2008 c1 xim-chan
it was really good, you don't need to be more graphic to make it better. Have you thought of making a sequel or to write about previous event to this story?
12/21/2007 c1 just a reader
I love ZoNa and I also love your stories

Great fic!
12/19/2007 c1 17yuMeNami
this is so good. ^^..i congratulate you for making such a wonderful story.
12/18/2007 c1 46Hanzatsu-Hime

First off, I have to say I am glad this isn't your entry for ym contest. (Do not be offended!) If it was, I wouldn't be able to comment on it properly.

Second of all, I have to add that I think you are so sweet and adorable. Your so supportive of me, and yet so modest and kind. I really appreciate your opinions abd reviews.

Thirdly, this story was so sensual! To me, when I read your comments, I do get the impression of a sweet and gentle person, and I will be honest, this story surprised. But I will not lie, even if it looks like I am favouring you to any other entry-writers who read these reviews, I loved this piece. It was perfect for them, it was honest, they were in character, and I got to seem how deep you are as a person. I truly enjoyed reading this, and I shall fave it, too.

I will say at some points though, the word 'damn' was added a few too many times. And some sentences could be cut short. But even I make mistakes so it's nothing to major. ^^

Keep on writing! I cannot wait to see your entry! ^_^
12/18/2007 c1 4GooglyMooglies
cute! i really liked it! I wanna know what began everything, like, how it became something they agreed to do.
12/18/2007 c1 17Duplicity-of-Ler
Heh, this story has a nice feeling to it.

Even though in my opinion Zoro is a bit too sensitive.

Still, I think it's good, this fandom needs sentitive!zoro too.

I'd say "fav". ;)
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