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7/26 c103 Noonie
I love this story! Just finished another reread, I know its abandoned, but I cant help but hope someday it will be finished... we'd get to find out what happens with James and Maya at least?
7/8 c1 ju.zelbova
Every once in a while I come back to this story knowing it's gonna break my heart all over again by not being finished. I love your plots, how you manage to make your characters (new and old) flawed and consistent. I especially love your Daphne and Draco story and really hope I'll get to read about their son and a certain girl. Thank you for this, it's one of my most favourite things to read.
7/3 c105 Maren
Please tell me there’s more!
6/17 c4 ripper34
Good story
6/16 c1 4Leapyearbaby29
I love this already. Have you ever thought about posting on AO3? :)
6/4 c105 Guest
This was great wish it was finished! Get back to it please!
4/12 c81 10Clinio
Where you went so hurry, Hermione?... You bad girl! Hahahahaha.
4/12 c61 Clinio
There is no way to say good bye to a motber.
4/8 c37 Clinio
Jane history is so sad? Knowing how that evil disease destroy families ever, is so hard to read it.
It is a beautifull memorial for your granpha.
4/5 c23 Clinio
Very good chapter.
4/4 c14 Clinio
What a pity. A meeting with Dolores would have been nice.
At least Harry didn't have to know the last three Star Wars movies. If he had seen them, he would have had to go to Azkaban for avadakedavrish to screenwriters. And we wouldn't want that, would we?
... I won't answer that question unless Hermione is my defence lawyer or Ron is my best man in a duel.
4/3 c9 Clinio
...stories about Ron and Hermione...
You obviously love Hiny, but I think you'd make a fantastic Romione writer.
I can feel it in The Force.
3/12 c105 Guest
I hope you update one day, I always go back to this story
3/11 c105 N
This is one story that I always come back to…I hope you update soon
1/13 c105 13MioneBristow
I miss you...

This is just a reminder that some of us still adore your stories and even though, I have somehow forgotten these last 3 chapters existed... I love them. And I'm rather desperate for my longed for Scorpius and Lily relationship...

I've done a reread and you are my top recommendation to friends. Here's hoping inspiration can hit and your muse will allow writing and posting!
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