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7/3/2018 c32 Curious
I thought Aaron was Jewish? It doesn't seem like Dudley is particularly religious or that the Dursleys were involved with any church.
7/4/2018 c104 17Antosha
Poor Scorpius. It makes you a human being — but that's not an easy thing to recognize in yourself — especially at 13.

It's a joy to see these characters again. And I loved the cat. :-)
7/2/2018 c104 3Erimenthe
Ok...what's with the cat lmao. Is it some kind of kneazle mix or something magical or just the orneriness of a regular cat that doesn't care what you want lol? I'm glad Harry got to keep his job. He does tend to stir things up so the same old same old doesn't keep happening. I don't know whether to feel sorry for Draco/Scorpius or slap them both for the animosity that Daphne really doesn't need right now. I'm glad the baby is ok and maybe she can bring that family back together.
7/2/2018 c104 41MBP
Oh, Scorpius... I just want to hug him and tell him he's definitely no villain (and neither, for that matter, is his father.) Loved this.
7/2/2018 c104 2boostarryeyes
Thank you, thank you, thank youI love this story so much. Hope all is well with you x
7/1/2018 c104 buchfreundin
I love your story and recently started re-reading it from the beginning, before I realized that I thought you had last published an update in 2016. You can't believe how happy I was when I found that there were several updates, it made my day!
I still love this story as much as I did when I first discovered it years ago.

Back to chapter, I do hope that Scorpius isn't too hard on himself and that the baby will arrive healthy and full-term. Maybe Victoire even delivers it :D
6/28/2018 c104 Guest
6/30/2018 c104 4Cassie Lee
I did an actual double take when I saw the notification for this chapter! haha

It doesn't matter how long between chapters you always pull me back in!
6/30/2018 c104 cinroc
Great chapter. I am so glad you updated. It really brightens my day when I see a new chapter. Thank you!
6/29/2018 c104 shannon.lashley.1
Was ecstatic to see that you updated, hopefully you can update again soon if time permits. I need that Scor plot line development. Thanks so much for updating really appreciate your commitment to continue the story.
6/28/2018 c104 Shadow82ABN
Still one of the best fanfics out there. Been reading for the better part of a decade.
6/26/2018 c104 Guest
Love getting these updates to the story!
6/26/2018 c104 Guest
Yay for an update! Please update again soon, love this story.
6/26/2018 c104 Guest
Awwwwwww! Love the fact that Scorpios is thinking about things. He might just come to learn how to compromise and see the pregnancy through at home with his mother.
6/26/2018 c104 Shan
Yayyyy! So happy you updated this story. Really hope you continue if the time permits. Love how you seemlessly build these characters and this world that JK created. Thanks!
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