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6/26/2018 c104 16HG4EVER69
Great chapter. Interesting cat or is it something else. Scorpio needs to pull his head out of his backside and act like the adault he is suppose to be coming.
6/26/2018 c104 rimasshai
This was a marvelous chapter! Thank you so so much for updating!
6/26/2018 c104 m.e.t.8
It was nice to hear from you again but I think I'm missing something. Is this the whole chapter? Because as far as this story goes why would Harry say that Lily will never forgive him if something happened to Scorpius? I know that in another story they started dating but shouldn't that have been something to write in this one?
6/26/2018 c104 1speedsONEandONLY
That pretty much sums it up.

You prolonged my sleep.
I was at war with myself
when I saw the update.
Sleep or read?
Let's be honest,
we both know I was choosing read.

The Potters got a cat.
Or, more accurately,
Minerva adopted the Potters.

Lily is very right.
There is no better name for that female cat.
If she was a he,
maybe Binks.

Thank you.
Harry was made for that job.

I feel for Christine and Avery.
I know how it feels to admit
good things about people you dislike.

Hopefully no one forces Harry
to take action for Draco breaking his parole.

Hasn't that woman been through enough?

That boy has so many emotions.
I don't think he hates the baby,
I think he hates his father paying
more attention to [her] than he ever did him.

I forgot how much you like to do that.
Leave it with those thoughts.
Or cliffhangers.
More questions than answers...
6/25/2018 c104 Crazy-Little-Hippo
You’ve officially made my week with this update! Haven’t even read the chapter yet. Welcome back
6/25/2018 c104 MLeighHA
AHHH! An update! I’m so excited I had to comment ASAP, but I’m going to reread the whole story before getting to chapter 104. Thank you! Please keep up the updates, I’ve missed you and this story so much!
6/25/2018 c104 jmeade90

I really liked the emotions in the chapter, and the fact that Minerva is back in spirit and still looking after Harry (at least, that's what I'm gonna believe)

Scorpius and Draco's points of view were excellent, even though they were so short - take that as a testament to the your writing ability!
6/21/2018 c103 1potterd61
Any chance you’ll update soon-ish?! Just had a nice 5 day bender of reading all of your fics after exams and totally forgot you’d left this unfinished!

I really really want to see more of your Draco and Daphne and especially Lily and Scorpius! Hope you get the inspiration and time you need to continue this and I hope your careers going well! You’re an incredible writer x
6/12/2018 c103 mjc519
Please finish
6/11/2018 c103 21AngelMorph
Hey! Just stumbled on this story and managed to devour what’s been posted in 6 days, to the detriment of a fair bit of sleep. It started off awkwardly but I’m glad I persevered. I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing Draco evolve as a character, and his growing relationship with his wife. The entire story arc with Albus and his bad attitude also had me rather hooked, and calling him all sorts of names (sometimes even out loud). I was glad to see him grow out of it.

I very much hope that you find the time and motivation to finish this story. You’ve left so many loose ends: James and Maya, Daphne’s pregnancy, Hugo and Logan, Draco’s probation... I would also love to see some more of Dudley, Aaron, and Sarah, Benjamin and his family, and what Parker and McKenzie are up to...

Hope you update soon,
5/13/2018 c103 Bonitalapaz
Hey! I like this story! Will you finish writting it?
If so, the chapters will often be published? just to know whether or not to follow the story. Thank you anyway.
5/6/2018 c1 Guest
Please continue this story! I would love to see a sequel to this. I really love the development with James and Maya and Vic and Teddy, and would love to see there relationships grow. I feel like this whole story ends in a huge cliffhanger just asking for a sequel. Love your work! Thank you for writing exactly what I wanted to read.
5/4/2018 c103 Taurus Ara Black
Please update soon
4/11/2018 c103 missmaygranger
Hiii I just absolutely binged this whole story in like two days ! It’s fab, would love you to write more if that’s something you would like to do. Amazing work xxxxx
4/4/2018 c103 thefranchise18
This story is simply amazing. This thory has mafe me laugh, smile, and become angered...as well as many other emotions that I'm probably forgetting to mention. The story and characters are well developed. I hope you continue. I'm curious to know what happens with James.
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