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6/29/2017 c1 Dile
Please you have to update ! This fic its so brilliant I want to see harry and Albus close again ! And I wanna Now about Scorpius ? Is he gonna be alright ? I love hat guy he is such a sweet great guy and James and maya v
6/26/2017 c102 Loving this
Please please pleeeaaase continue the story! I stayed up all night reading this and I haven't been able to stop thinking about Albus. Please make him and everybody repair their relationships :'(
6/27/2017 c102 1purpleDelirium
This story is absolutely spectacular. you have done a great job developing each and every person character. The way you have written it is very easy and flowing. Fantastic work! Keep on writing as I want to know how it finishes. You should be very proud of the yourself and the work that you have put in.
6/25/2017 c102 Guest
Is 102 the end? I'm dying for more info! I have read all your books, I need more! It can't just end... Ahhhh! I love these too much.
6/23/2017 c101 marhleap
I hadn't seen the new chapter notifications in a while now and had like five chapters to catch up on. I read the rest of this story, with other of your works, a while back and it's still as great as I remembered it. Great writing!
6/14/2017 c102 2015rgs
Please please put some more chapters up! I love all your writing and have read absolutely everything you've written that's on here :)
6/13/2017 c102 Rasmusen
I Love this. So much, it's seriously the best next-gen fix I've read
6/12/2017 c102 Guest
I can't wait for an update! Honestly love reading your writing, and hope you update soon!
6/5/2017 c102 Guest
Okay you're just an amazing writer. I found you through a bunch of articles that suggested fanfics better than The Cursed Child (gag) and I'm totally in love with your writing! I finished this in a week because I've been so obsessed and I can't wait for an update! Hope you're enjoying married life (I just got married also!) thanks so much for this wonderful work!
6/6/2017 c102 irishbrat1966
Wow! Congratulations on your accomplishments in school! I'm happy to see updates on this story it's my favorite one, out of all fanfiction stories I've ever read.
As usual, the updates are always worth the wait. I love where you've taken this story, so much so that I'll be sad when it ends.
6/2/2017 c102 Seruphenthalys
This was the second or third time I read through this fanfic, and each time I just want more. So I do hope you're okay and working steadily on an update, because I've been looking forward to an update since a couple of hours after you posted your latest one (and will probably keep that attitude). Great work!

5/29/2017 c102 Guest
so is al going to get to see what harry went through in the pensive, like james did? I feel like that would cut a lot of tension. And for that matter draco providing memories to scorp. Thinking about it that would solve a lot of issues, while still providing a clash of ideals that is needed to continue the fantastic plot
5/29/2017 c1 1justsomethingtrash
I have never needed a new chapter so much!
5/29/2017 c42 Seruphenthalys
I really need to complain here. Usually I let your errors slide, since they really aren't worth the effort. besides, the rest of the text holds such high quality as to make up for its minor faults, and they don't really disturb the reading anyway, so I honestly can't be bothered. This, however, is creating some confusion: did Lily wake Al or James on September first at 5 in the morning? Most of the text suggest it is Al, but she slid of the end of james' bed...?
5/27/2017 c1 Diletta
Please you have to update ! I love this fic ! I want Harry and Albus to reconcile and more love scenes between Harry and ginny
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