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4/22/2017 c102 13MioneBristow
Oooh. Can I just say that I love. . . Love . . . The roll you're on? I feel spoiled with how often you're updating.

1. Well then. Hmm. Poor Maya and James. Well done you with the real. . . Absolutely honest stigma that follows in the aftermath. (Huzzah to Albus for finally reacting like a Potter again.)

2. I'm finding more intrigue for Hugo and Logan. Again, well done.

3. I can't wait to see what Ron does. Yes, Rose, Leave it to your dad!

4. AWWWW! Lily and Scorpius! My heart flips rapidly because as brief as that was, ooooh! I've been waiting so long for it.

5. Awww. SCORPIUS! Your mother deserves a little more respect than that. However. She knew. And that probably does mean most of his summer will be with the Potters. Which means more chances for Lily to become more of his confidant. He'll need her.

Again. Yay! Love it. Love you. :) 3
4/14/2017 c101 Guest
when are you going to update?
4/14/2017 c17 CSKTECH
Ok this is just brilliant...and the dedication you show, working on this story for years and maintaining the same quality, is just awesome.

4/12/2017 c101 alicia.v.jones
Ok can I tell you how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this story. I've read the whole 101 chapters in about a week and a half. Barely able to do any work at my job. Lol. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Please don't abandon it. I know you have a real life but...
4/10/2017 c101 carolyn jinn
So glad to see a couple of chapters to read. Love this story.
Such a sad chapter. You have a way with writing these sorts of chapters. There is a lot of description and emotion in them.
Looking forward to the next one. :)
4/7/2017 c101 Guest
So glad to see you are updating again! Emotional and wonderful attention to detail. Thank you and hope to see more updates soon! ~ Long time reader
4/7/2017 c101 10SWChica2005
Wow! Some deep stuff going on right now! Excellent chapter!
4/7/2017 c100 SWChica2005
Very very interesting chapter! Lots of changes happening!
4/7/2017 c99 SWChica2005
Excellent chapter!
4/7/2017 c98 SWChica2005
I am so glad that Lily finally told Harry and Ginny that she wants to be an Auror instead of making to the last minute. The way you wrote this chapter made me so proud of how Harry handled the situation compared to Albus. Great chapter!
4/7/2017 c97 SWChica2005
I am finally stepping back in to the realm of FF after soooo many months away. This was an excellent "Welcome Back" chapter to read! I am extremely excited to see where Lily and Hugo and the other Potter/Weasley children go next!
4/4/2017 c1 Guest
yes this makes more sense than the cursed child... i didn't like it at all when Albus was sorted into Gryffindor
4/4/2017 c101 thestral517
Wow. That was a lot of activity for one chapter. Looking forward to the next one. So glad you are back writing.
4/4/2017 c21 3Martule
Scor and Lily are so cute!
4/1/2017 c100 Elsie
I love the Logan and Hugo relationship! Also, your writing is amazing, I m really enjoying the story!
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