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3/28/2017 c101 Gizzy's Mama
Oh no. Such a traumatic and violent rape attempt. My heart aches for Maya and for James. Will Greengrass go to Azkaban? He should! She wasn't weak, as she stated to Sophie,...she stayed conscious after being beaten horribly and was able to scream for help. I hope someone tells her that. Is this why she and James drift apart? In chapter 7 of "What Happens In Tbe Changing Room" he still loves her although she's moved away and they're no longer together.

I've been reading your stories for years and these characters have become like family to me. You are a talented storyteller and I don't care how long it takes, I will continue to read this story until the end. I hope you continue writing more stories and updating the ones you've started. You're one of the absolute best on this site.
3/28/2017 c101 lmossm
You sure know how to pack an emotional punch in one chapter! You also left a lot to be resolved. Please update soon :-)
3/28/2017 c101 trace.clements.1
Whoa...never saw that coming.

Poor Maya. Thank God James was there. I hope she can heal emotionally.

Hope you update soon! Loving these new chapters.
3/28/2017 c101 1speedsONEandONLY
There is only one person
at fault in a situation like this.
That person was expelled.
It's a lot easier to say that as an outsider,
than as someone who was attacked.

Do you Ginny could talk to her?
With all that went on in her 6th year...
She might understand.
3/28/2017 c101 AkshajGarg
brilliant. love your stories, and eagerly awating the next chapter. update soon please
3/27/2017 c101 8MidnightAmant
This was a really sad chapter. So many feelings here. Please update soon!
3/27/2017 c101 13MioneBristow
Oh. . . Poor Maya.

Handled well.

Also, Hugo and Logan handled superbly. (Poor Rose)

Scorpius just made my heart flutter with what he said to Lily and he'd better be taking Rose's advice soon. :)

AND. . . I'm sooo happy for another chapter so quickly.
3/24/2017 c100 Guest
Excellent direction for these characters. Enjoyed reading your work. Looking forward to more.
3/25/2017 c100 1Zheeba89
Yaaay, a new chapter!
I think I've said it a thousand times, but your story is one of my absolute favorite in the Harry Potter universe here on FF.
But Hugo's bi, I didn't see that one coming, but an interesting twist, I wonder how it'll develop.
It's great to read about them exploring the life of a teenager, getting a boyfriend and all other things.
Looking forward to the next update!
3/21/2017 c100 Guest
3 3
3/22/2017 c100 mysinger
I like who Ron has grown up to be , especially in your stories :) Good Chapter.
3/19/2017 c100 Frostyfriend96
I loved the focus on Rose and Hugo this chapter. While I don't picture Rose and her boy lasting very long, Hugo and Logan seem very sweet. Would love to see more of them.

Also, I'm still waiting for Scorpius and Lily. And Scorpius' reaction to his new sibling. And more James and Maya.
3/21/2017 c100 4Cassie Lee
wow 100 chapters... makes me want to start again from the beginning! lol
3/18/2017 c100 Cym
Amazing. Incredible. Love this so much!
3/18/2017 c100 WillSloc
I'm not sure you quite know the joy that floods all your readers when we open our emails to a notification that little0bird has published another chapter. As always it was amazing!
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