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4/13/2021 c105 CecilyPRA14
I love all your storiesthe way you write them is beautiful! I hope you finish this one at some point please!
4/9/2021 c13 12JMoonrise
They actually only locked his things up through his third year, and the summer before his fourth, they were too petrified of the threat of Sirius to do anything. Harry just never much felt like doing his homework, but he definitely had his belongings in his bedroom after third year. Because Fred and George had to go upstairs to get his trunk. Now he probably did do his hw at night because his relatives sucked.
3/31/2021 c105 Krazyasibe
Why did you stop
3/26/2021 c4 JMoonrise
I suppose it’s possible you don’t know, but it didn’t have to be Harry’s blood that Voldemort used. It was just blood of the enemy forcibly taken. He chose Harry so he could bypass Lily’s protection.
3/23/2021 c105 MikeRach
It’s to bad you never finished this I would like to know how it ends
2/6/2021 c105 Sude
Hello! I've been reading this story for a long time. I love the writing technique and I hope you write the rest of this story. I don't really know if this is the last episode of the story, but it seems to me that something about this story is unfinished.
Please inform me.
Hope you continue your stories;
2/7/2021 c7 1SnowflakeOfTheEarth
I thought Malfoy's wife was Daphne's sister Asteria.
1/31/2021 c1 Guest
Wonderful! I hope one day some epilogue or something can be written to tie up the lose ends. James and Maya’s relationship past chapter 100 just made me sob and I’d love to hear what you envisioned for their future. And Al’s relationship with his folks, Scorpius’s with his parents and Lily. Beautiful stories.
1/26/2021 c79 Guest
I’ve had so much fun exploring all of your stories and loved this one about the next generation and the originals in their late 30s and 40s. So good! A sincere thank you.
1/4/2021 c105 ju.zelbova
I'm pretty sure I've already reviewed this once but I need to again. It rarely happens that I'm interested in the lives of the second HP generation but you just do it so well. So many great characters and plot lines. I do hope you'll get to continue this some day. Thank you.
11/24/2020 c105 Crazy-Little-Hippo
There are quite literally no words to describe my love for this entire series. Over the years I’ve read it multiple times, and the experience is never less enjoyable than the first. I don’t even know if you are still following your reviews, but if you areI just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving us this gift.
11/15/2020 c105 Mlobo38
Eu simplesmente sou apaixonada por essa história. Você escreve tão bem que parece que estou lendo os próprios livros da própria da JK. Por favor, não só eu, mas todo mundo precisa saber o desfecho dessa história. Esses dois anos de espera estão me matando, entendo que você seja uma pessoa ocupada, mas por favor, precisamos desse final. Sou uma grande fã
10/28/2020 c105 Guest
Please give it a happy ending. Please finish it. Please...
10/28/2020 c105 Guest
Please, please, please complete this story. It is the best fanfiction I have ever read. It focuses on all of its characters. Please finish it. Please let us know what happens to the Malfoy family or Maya or the marriage. Please at least tell us those. I don't think you have to bother much for this as you are an excellent writer. In case you have got a job and don't have much time, please, you don't need to write much, just write ten or twelve more chapters and tell us about the incomplete matters of this story.
Its not only me, more thank 2000 people are waiting for update, they still follow this fanfiction. Please complete it. PLEASE...
10/20/2020 c105 user1048ty081y495
Please please please pick this back up again and I'm actually in love with this book
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