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7/15/2016 c97 FinnFiona
I know I monstrously behind in catching up on your stories, but this was exactly what I needed today and it didn't disappoint. Love thinking of all those kiddos going off into the world and how it stems from their parents in one way or another, the characters we know so well. Lovely as always. Hope you're well!
7/12/2016 c98 juju black
Pleaseee keep going with the fict
7/12/2016 c92 2purple-papoose
7/5/2016 c98 Dc
Pfff! I hardly have an idea of how to start. To begin with, I haven't left a review for a fanfic in years. I haven't actually spent much time reading them either since I was in high school (I'm doing my masters degree now). Your stories have captivated me in a way many books haven't and I'm not lying when I say I have spent most of my free time (even at work) reading you. All the way from the first day to here, it's amazing how characters have evolved and how you managed to narrate lives. Not only that, you everything is so intertwined. I'm speechless. I can't wait to keep reading your story, you're absolutely talented. Please don't stop. And I you even happen to have a book, let us know cause I'll be the first to go buy it.
6/29/2016 c98 guest
Review please.
It's been ages since we have been waiting.
I think now we deserve some update.
6/26/2016 c98 Anon
It just occurred to me when I checked the publish date that I've been following this story for almost 7 years now, and it never fails to disappoint. I'm hoping that Scorpius manages to accept Daphne & Draco being together, but judging from your Letters series, it doesn't seem likely :( But new baby?! Maybe?!

Love your work, as always. And more Sophie and her Wimbledon-loving self would not go unappreciated :D
6/18/2016 c98 guest
your history progress is great and i really hope draco would keep the baby it is just good to give someone another chance please update soon i can not wait and thank you i read all your stories they are amazing
6/13/2016 c98 Chris
An article on pinterest brought me here, i was a little dubious as ive never read any fanfiction at all but damn you have got me hooked! ive read all your stories and now that im all caught up im eager for more, cannot wait for the next update, if the is one, i hope there is!
6/12/2016 c98 Hareem
you update far less to whet my appetite regarding your stories.
6/8/2016 c98 dncr4eva5678
this story is fantastic! I just read the entire thing in less than a week, and I honestly believe it could be published. I don't usually read next gen - I mainly read marauder era - but this is now what I will always think actually happened after the books. The details you provide for every character are so in depth - I've become invested in every single person & their lives. Amazing writing! Can't wait for the update.
6/8/2016 c97 EmeraldEagle
For what it's worth, I'm liking your 19 years later story a hell of a lot more than the Cursed Child spoilers I've been seeing
5/31/2016 c27 Suzie Cue
Nice bit of victim blaming there Aaron.
5/26/2016 c98 Guest
I've read this story twice in the past year, since I got a recommendation for it last summer. It is wonderful! It's unique, but still true to the spirit of the original series. I really hope that you keep updating!
5/24/2016 c98 EmeraldEagle
Love this and I'm constantly looking for updates. Every update just makes my week
5/17/2016 c98 Guest
Please please please update! :) I can't wait
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