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5/18/2016 c98 1speedsONEandONLY
from type of father to the next.
im glad Harry kept in check.

i hope Draco handles this well,
and no matter what it is,
doesnt have a negative
effect on his progress with Scorpius...
5/15/2016 c98 Ginny Potter1
I love this fanfiction and can't wait for the next bit! Well done, you're really good and writing and I love the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter!
5/15/2016 c1 EmeraldEagle
Every time this is updated it makes my day
5/10/2016 c98 carolyn jinn
Interesting chapter. Hope Daphne and Draco keep the may be the start-over that they need. :)
4/30/2016 c98 Guest
Your story is amazingly well written. But your Ginny and Harry seem stuck up on ensuring their children don't turn out spoiled and are doing an amazing job of pushing them away. What happened with James was ridiculous. Snogging a girl when you are of age shouldn't bring him so much grief. And yes Albus is an arse especially to his siblings and cousins. But his parents have been horrible to him by basically condoning physical abuse by his uncles. I don't know how he will ever trust any of them again. Harry and Ginny can't behave like James and Lily towards Albus. And the whole tatoo thing is just overblown. Harry and hermione are fine with Malfoy being rehabilitated but not with Albus having a random tatoo. Seems illogical to me.
A bit more of Ron and Hermione would be nice especially as they just seem to be better parents than Harry and Ginny. Your Ron especially is a wonderful character who seems under-utilised.
5/1/2016 c1 2SummonerDagger
Hi ya! I found your fics a month ago and I regret so much not finding them sooner, the've become my newest addiction x3 I really love them, especially this one.

I also really like the little nod to my country haha it really surprised me to see the Alicanto here, it was kinda cool.

Keep it up with the good work :D and I understand you have a pretty busy life (I do too) so I don't mind waiting.
4/29/2016 c97 Guest
Why is no one bothered about Ron's views on Hugo's career?
4/26/2016 c98 4lizzzsunshine
Eeeeek I just noticed that I missed an update! So excited that you posted a new chapter. And what a cliffy to leave it on too
4/24/2016 c98 51LiveLaughLove728
Okay, so I just spent the last few weeks reading through all your stories. I think I may have left a review on one or two, not sure. However, all of your stories are absolutely amazing. I felt like I was continuing right where the DH epilogue left off. The characters, the details, the plots, everything; just perfection.
I know you haven't done so in more recent chapters with the kids being older and everything, but I have to mention that I loved how Harry and Ginny referred to the kids (when they were young) as "the heathens." I found that absolutely hilarious and totally appropriate to anyone who knows young kids.
It was really hard seeing Albus become so arrogant and caught up in his own sense of importance throughout this because I really did love him so much in the beginning and towards the middle there, I really wanted nothing more than to slap that cocky smirk right off his idiotic face, but I really liked how you handled/are handling his slow road to redemption. And it was, of course, appropriate that at least one of the million children in the Potter/Weasley clan embrace the rebellious teenage years as such, hard as it was to read at times. It was very well done.
As someone who went into this story with what amounted to no love at all for Draco Malfoy, let me just say that, Merlin, my views have changed. You have turned him from an ice cold, just generally awful person into a character I have truly come to sympathize with and maybe even love. Watching his inner turmoil over his past and his actions regarding Scorpius and Daphne was actually really moving and I loved watching him discover how to act human. He and Daphne are literally the most adorable thing ever, something I never would have imagined in a million years before this fanfic. I must admit that you've thrown an interesting twist in their story and I can't wait to see what happens with the pregnancy. And I am eagerly awaiting a Draco-Scorpious heart-to-heart, or at least some sort of confrontation or something that will allow Scorp even a tiny glimpse at the fact that Draco has changed a great deal.
I love seeing Harry act like a parent, weird as it is sometimes. He's really good at it and I think you've captured his character as an adult dealing with insufferable teenagers rather perfectly. And of course, he and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, adorable, as always. I love all the little moments and quirky banter.
Teddy is awesome. You had me literally laughing out loud on more than one occasion reading his dialogue. He's so sarcastic. I love it. James too. And, of course, George's twins.
I could literally go on and on, but I'll end this with simply saying that you are a fantastic writer and I love this story. I am eagerly awaiting your next update. So much is going on all at once; I can't wait to see what happens! Thank you for a fantastic story!
4/24/2016 c98 Dora-is-my-name
Hi. First, sorry about my english, not my native lenguage and I am not very secure using it. Becouse of that I rarely review (and maybe becouse my lazziness...) and I am sorry about that, but for you I have to review!
You are my favorite writer here, by far! I love your stories, how they make sense with the JK's world but still have your own surprises. I used to think that you were JK in disguese wanting to tell us more about the caracteres, but now she is writing more about and is broking what i imagined. Haha
Please keep writing, i love Dudley and Aaron, Benjamin, Teddy and his father's diaries, Scorpion... Sometimes your story turns into cannon in my head so much that i desire fanfictions about it.
Am i beeing too much? Haha
Thank you!
4/19/2016 c98 Allison
Wonderful update! I was so happy when I saw there was a new chapter up that I gasped out loud and my plans to go to bed early went out the window. Looking forward to the next update!
4/19/2016 c98 Guest
from ngayonatkailanman... no no no no no... you cannot end this without Draco's reply... very naughty... lol. otherwise, brilliant update.
4/20/2016 c98 16anna2
I wonder how Albus will react when he sees his parents being supportive of Lily's career choice when they wouldn't do so for him. Ginny's right, I think they will probably never make this right. I haven't really seen any effort by her or Harry to do so.
4/20/2016 c98 FriendofMolly
Oh what a chapter ! I think Lily did a beautiful job of discussing her choice with her parents. Much better than Al. I don't know why Daphne and Draco would think that they're too old? Magical people live longer than Muggles. So it would follow that family life could extend too.
4/17/2016 c98 Guest
Amazing chapter! It's like I never left, however, when it finally ends, I'm going straight back to "The First Day" and reading this story once again all the way through
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