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1/15/2008 c9 blackolives10
This was lovely, as it always is. I really liked the interaction between Al and Scorpius. One question, though: wasn't Crabbe killed in the final battle? The fire in the Room of Requirement burned him to death.
1/15/2008 c9 freespirit85
yayy, another chapter! really liked it by the way. oh darn, lucious is dead. how sad. anyway, i like how you're showing more of scorpious. because it's not just questions that the potters and weasleys have about their own family past, but about the people around them. so i think it's cool how we're going to find out more about scorpious' relationship with draco. i can't wait to read more
1/15/2008 c9 DaphneD
Poor Scorpius. In a twisted way he's suffering for the sins of his father and grandfather.

You killed Lucius the luscious !

I couldn't help myself to feel sorry both for Lucius and for Narcissa. Narcissa's relief after Lucius's demise was so saddening.

Great chapter!
1/15/2008 c9 lemonwedges4
1/15/2008 c8 40Historybuff1536
Oh I forgot to to tell you something.

I see that you are hinting a L/S Ship and if you want, You can actually make Lily a year older and it would still work. You can have her birthday fall after school would start, so she would be like Hermione and have to start a year late. But yea, thats just so their age would be a bit closer together. So it's not as weird. :P But thats just if you wanted to, if you don't just ignore me. :)
1/15/2008 c9 Historybuff1536
WOW! I found this and I had to read the whole thing. I'm an American, so this might sound a little funny coming from me, but, that was bloody brillant!

Please for the love of God update soon.

1/15/2008 c9 8SharkiesGirl
Absolutely spectacular! Definitely one of the best fics I've read on this site!

The characters are brilliantly written and the plot is marvellous! I love it! And I am very sorry for not reviewing every chapter as I was rushing through, this is so addictive. But you deserve more than a review for each chapter this is so good!

Thanks for such a magnificent read,


1/15/2008 c9 AmeliaLouise
as always this chapter is fantastic. and once again i will take the opportunity to congratulate you on being such a good writer. Everything i wanted to happen after DH happens in your stories and i love it. i admit i am becoming an avid fan. hahaha

thanks xx
1/14/2008 c9 10lilyflower009
Love it.
1/14/2008 c9 HarryandGinnyeternal
I loved this chapter, although I feel sorry for Scorpius but I’m glad that the cousins defend him. Any ways please post more soon.
1/14/2008 c9 3AmazingBouncingFerret445
:D well im glad you decided to make it longer. i like that Daphne is civil with Ginny. maybe eventually Draco will come to his senses. you never know... anyway, i like this chapter because we see the Malfoys. and i'm quite glad lucius is gone. well, maybe since you decided to make this fic longer, you should change the title. after all, that title only really fits that one chapter. idk, just a suggestion.
1/14/2008 c9 4Cassandra's Cross
This was so sad! Poor Scorpius. He reminds me of Harry in a way, this poor isolated, misunderstood kid, but at least he has friends who stick up for him (as Ron, Hermione & the other Weasleys did for Harry). I'm eager to see what you've got up your sleeve next. Good stuff!
1/14/2008 c9 8AnkouBlake
Poor Scorpius :(
1/13/2008 c8 3AmazingBouncingFerret445
this was a really good chapter. i think in a future chapter you should show Scorpius' parents. anyway, i love your story, and please update soon :D
1/13/2008 c6 AmazingBouncingFerret445
wow.. that was definitely M worthy. not that is wasn't really good! im noticing a bit of something between Scorpius and Lily? yeah, well i have read Scorpius/Rose fics, so this might be interesting.
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