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1/11/2016 c97 Chrstian
I must confess i'm absolutely in love with you're writings, and even if english is my third lenguage and i had some trouble i've practically read everithyng you worte hear. Also a great fan o HP i found all the characters (Yours and Rowling's) to be perfectly shaped. I do expect you post something more soon...
1/10/2016 c97 1Pottergirlfreva
Update. Just update. Thats it. Up-freaking- date
12/30/2015 c97 3ForeverMrs.Padfoot
I missed this story so much! I'm really glad you updated. Will always be my favourite HP fanfic because it is so well written and entertaining. Happy Holidays (:
12/19/2015 c1 Guest
Wirting a gooda fanfanfic about Ron they aren't many of them
12/8/2015 c8 2John Solart
Hahaa! I shall proclaim as a first that I do like your writing! Yet I feel the horrible urge to say (after reading the whole fanfic series up to this chapter) that: "The writer used the phrase 'his hair was more disheveled than usual' even more than usual"!
12/1/2015 c97 ferwinck
Omg, this story is so good! It's the first fanfiction EVER that I don't hate Draco. And it's really nice the way you can focus equally on most characters, and not one or two in particular. I hope you keep writting it, it's really amazing!
11/29/2015 c97 Mattis A Forti
I love everything about this story! I can't wait for the confrontation between Albus and Harry! Please update soon :)
11/25/2015 c97 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/24/2015 c97 irishbrat1966
As usual, an update worth waiting for. I can't wait to see how Harry reacts to Lily's aspirations and how Hermione reacts when she finds out Hugo want to be an Unspeakable. Oddly, I think Ron will be the least surprised of the two, but that's just my thoughts.
Either way, excellent updates as usual. Enjoy the upcoming Holiday season and I hope to see another update soon. :)
11/22/2015 c95 irishbrat1966
As always, your chapter updates are well worth the wait. Congratulations on going after your Masters degree!
11/16/2015 c97 kaykay25
Please update soon
11/12/2015 c97 trustsnape38
So glad to see you back to writing. I missed it!
11/1/2015 c97 Guest Ellie
Not sure if you are aware or are going very au, but children's names actually appear at birth in the book. And babies usually display magic. It's usually something trivial like wanting their toys.
10/21/2015 c1 Guest
That scary moment when you realize that the date at the top of chapter 1 is coming up pretty soon...I'm so old :(. I love the story! Been keeping up with it for years now I hope you keep writing, but take your time. I don't want the quality to drop.
10/6/2015 c97 original.witch
Does that mean you are going to write more frequently? Because I simply adore this story of yours!
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