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9/24/2020 c105 AliNorth
This story/series was amazing!
I could not stop reading.
9/18/2020 c105 nayin1704
please please please update SOON
9/18/2020 c90 nayin1704
oh bummer! England won
9/18/2020 c89 nayin1704
i super love what Lily did to Al. he's a jerk and a git
9/17/2020 c70 nayin1704
love this chapter and poor Benjamin lol
9/17/2020 c67 nayin1704
love Draco and Daphne's date
9/16/2020 c30 nayin1704
i love that Ginny is acting like a substitute mother to Scorpius just like Molly towards Harry
9/16/2020 c29 nayin1704
love this chapter
9/16/2020 c28 nayin1704
you're version of the next generation is SO MUCH BETTER than jk's
9/16/2020 c22 nayin1704
poor Scorpius, hope Lily will change her attitude towards him soon
9/16/2020 c13 nayin1704
Harry should have known better lol
9/16/2020 c10 nayin1704
Draco is the same git
9/16/2020 c9 nayin1704
sorry, I meant a Gryffindor Scorpius and Lily
9/16/2020 c8 nayin1704
a Gryffindor Al and Lily? I love it
9/16/2020 c7 nayin1704
Ginny Potter is such a great mum and human being
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