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9/16/2020 c10 nayin1704
Draco is the same git
9/16/2020 c9 nayin1704
sorry, I meant a Gryffindor Scorpius and Lily
9/16/2020 c8 nayin1704
a Gryffindor Al and Lily? I love it
9/16/2020 c7 nayin1704
Ginny Potter is such a great mum and human being
9/16/2020 c6 nayin1704
poor Harry but it's so great that Ginny is always there for him
9/16/2020 c3 nayin1704
i love this chapter
9/16/2020 c2 nayin1704
Nice that Scorpius is also in Gryffindor and accepted by the whole family
9/16/2020 c1 nayin1704
thank you for putting Al in Gryffindor. I hate Slytherin Al
9/5/2020 c105 Jessica
Are you ever coming back?
9/1/2020 c105 i-am-harrypotter-94
Hi, so it's going to be 2 years since you updated. It looks like you may have moved on and thats ok. Could you just maybe end this story with an epilogue of sorts where you lay out where each character is going to end up? This is basically the last fanfiction that I'm following. So it will be a nice closure for me on 2 counts. Thanks.
8/22/2020 c1 1Yayalie
Every few years when I reread HP, afterwards, I always start your work over again from The First Day. Thank you for sharing your gift; I really hope you continue.
8/15/2020 c1 popeye9487
Please please please pick this back up again. This is such a fantastic story with really well crafted characters and plot. I know you intended to bring it to a close at the end of Rose, Al and Scorpius’s final year and I would love to see how you intend to finish.
8/13/2020 c105 2snowball0709
Amazing story. Especially Draco's storyline. I really want to read what happens with Draco and Scorpius. And that letter Lily got? Was it from Draco? You can't leave your readers hanging like that.
It's been nearly 2 years since you last updated. Can't help but hope you'll update it again.
7/31/2020 c105 Jane Davidson
I know it’s been nearly 2 years since this stories been updated... but I really love it and hope you come back to it one day. This is literally a perfect story of how Harry’s kids and life would’ve been at least in my head. I’m keen to see if you have anymore. Hope you are well!
7/21/2020 c105 ju.zelbova
I'll put myself to the back of the line or people hoping and explicitly telling you that they would love to read more of this story. I don't generally enjoy many "next generation" ones but this one is too good. You're full of ideas, work really well with the limited size of the wizarding world versus the (almost) unlimited size of the Potter/Weasley family. I especially adore the story of Daphne and Draco. Hope to read more from you soon from a happy reader.
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