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11/10/2018 c105 1Julia Curie
I love your view on the Next Gen! There's much of it that, in my opinion, would be the best cannon! I've been following this fic for a while now, but I didn't have an account on this site, so I didn't follow or review. Anyway, this is great work. I'm dieing to see Scorpius forgive Draco and Draco figure out how to be a dad (to both Scorpius and the baby) as well as Scorpius and Lily getting together! PS: Daphne and Ginny as besties! Really, I can see them and Scorly making Draco and Harry have lunch every other sunday. :D
11/8/2018 c105 3Erimenthe
Hopefully Lily can find some way, maybe with Harry's help, to help Scorpius get to know Draco better. I like that Hugo and Logan talked and made the boyfriend decision..now hopefully Rose won't tease all the time lol (talk about timing).
11/5/2018 c105 Guest
11/6/2018 c105 Bernardus
Thanks for your return to writing.
11/3/2018 c105 Seher Syed
Been reading this story for years now, but never commented. Thanks for the update! Cannot wait til the next one (?)
11/3/2018 c105 Guest
Ahhh! So happy you updated! I'm really excited to see Draco's and Scorpius' relationship evolve. I also can't wait for reconciliation between Harry and Albus. Thank you so much for continuing this!
11/2/2018 c105 Tilly
I am so insanely happy you are back and updating!
11/4/2018 c105 GoldenPotterFan
Thank you for the update :) Somehow I get the feeling we might expect a chapter of Letters soon, as well.

Scorpius is too stubborn for his own good, but to a certain extent I get where he's coming from, Forgiveness is a very tricky thing without understanding and he's not even close to understanding why his father turned out the way he did. I just hope that the combined female persuasive power of Lily and Narcissa will make him see sense before it's too late. Maybe a trip into a pensive might help...

I would not be surprised at all if baby Malfoy had a Potter godparent :)

PS: I really need to stop looking at my emails if I wake up early on a weekend morning, saw the email at 6:15am and had to read straight away.
11/4/2018 c105 4Morganvil225
Well dang. I caught up.I hope there's more!
11/3/2018 c105 50Kagome Juh
I can empathize with Scorpius, because I didn't like Draco much in the series either. However, I undertood him (as why he was like that), and I pitied him on the last two books when his life went to hell because of Lucius and Voldemort. So, seriously, Scorpius really need to grow the hell up. Draco wasn't perfect, obviously; he was a shitty father and husband - but now he is fucking trying. He is truly trying. Maybe, for the first time in his life, he is truly trying to get out of his comfort zone to be a better person (Better late than fucking never!) - and when Scorpius gives Daphne the cold shoulder and when he resents the baby (maybe a bit jealous, even? Because clearly the baby came from a better situation between his parents than his own?) he is being extremely immature. It's just like Lily said: he is being just like his father was with him and punishing the baby for something that it didn't have any control of. It kinds of infuriates me. He doesn't need to treat Draco like his Father, because Draco never treated him like a son before (he didn't know how? he didn't feel good with himself? he didn't feel like he deserved anything good idk?), but he can at least try to give his family A CHANCE. His mother is trying to be happy, for Gods sake! Let her have her happiness! Things don't have to be awful for the rest of their lives! And demanding from Narcissa if she forgave Draco - really? He obviously didn't think much from Draco's point of view, not even a tiny bit. My Dear God. He punishes the guy with everything without giving much thought how different their lives were, how different Draco's expectations from his family were and what Draco had to go through with Voldemort - how Narcissa's and Lucius's decisions in life were responsible for a lot of things that he was forced to see, to live and to do. So yeah, he can't compare Draco's situation with his grandparents with his own. He can't compare Narcissa's relationship with Draco with his own. UGH!

Man. One thing I tend to get angry with is how the new generation sometimes can not undertand at all what their parents went through even after having discussed things on ealier chapters or after reading or hearing about it all on Hogwarts. Of course they could never undertand it all, just like we on real life tend to not understand our parents, but they could at least be less single minded.

TEENAGERS, I KNOW! I fear the time when I will have my own children and they will reach this terrible age hahahahaha So frustrating! HALP

Anyway. I love this universe you created. I consider it canon way more the The Cursed Child. Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/3/2018 c105 4Cassie Lee
17 year old Scorpio isn't unlike 15 year old Harry. Angry, a tad petulant, and struggling to see anything from the perspective of others. Lily and Rose are awesome and totally the products of kickarse witches.

I'm always excited when I see an update from you!
11/3/2018 c105 hannahoude
So glad whenever I see that you’ve added a new chapter! I love everything about this story!
11/3/2018 c105 1speedsONEandONLY

My otp
I love them.

Ginny and Daphne
best friends.
This will be fun!

Did Scorpius
drunk write Lily.
In the middle of the night?

Is Harry going to France?
If so,
Cissy should eavesdrop...
Maybe bring Lily
to be Scor's rock...
11/3/2018 c1 9The Goode Ravenclaw
I really like this, but in future chspters, can you useto show dialogue, notbecause it gets a little confiding
11/3/2018 c105 trace.clements.1
So happy to see this update! THANK YOU!
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