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2/28/2008 c1 10MaverickBuff
Well, I must say that this is an odd inclusion of the usually more grim stories you write, but they are fairly interesting, more so with the CT characters.

Nicely done. It was worth 10 minutes of laughs.
2/26/2008 c8 Lacaille McMellan
LOL. Love these 'lil parodies. XD Especially the Assasinitis and the Quest Skill. Incredibly hilarious.
2/10/2008 c9 5RicePaper
Panties on a man! Armoured panties coated with elunium! Oh gosh... what next?
2/10/2008 c8 RicePaper
Lol! Chucked a rock! Poor Maiha, she so different. Surprising Sei really looked up to Maiha when she was younger.
2/10/2008 c7 RicePaper
Always wondered why no one ever gets indigestion from eating a hundred apples.
2/3/2008 c9 3nashinashi
Yeah, I've wondered about those panties... Love the way your mind can somehow pick out all these little things that make for big laughs.

And hey, have you ever considered writing scripts for comics and whatnot? I think some of these would make great 4panels or one shots or the like. If you're interested, maybe we could do a small collab sometime in the future, just for fun. Though really, a lot of the charm of it all comes from your writing itself (=

Anyway, keep it up!
2/2/2008 c8 nashinashi
I love these little parodies! Throw Stone must be one of the hardest skills to gain and master, I'm sure...
1/31/2008 c7 nashinashi
Oh man! About halfway through I started to realize the significance of the title, and I snickered out loud before even getting to the part where Kreizen starts eating those apples. What a hilarious sight! I'm looking forward to you making fun of even more hilarious laws of nature / physics from the Ragnarok world. Perhaps even one explaining the long debated question of how swords come from porings...
1/31/2008 c7 5Pasonia Seltia Keros
Absolutely! This is on the same vein as Chapter 6, but about potions and apples! Short but right to the point, man!

Anyone ever wondered how an unawakened Osiris could have been defeated by piles of potions alone? xD
1/28/2008 c4 TsukuraTooLazyToSignIn
*drool* I second the slaughtering of the clan!
1/26/2008 c6 Pasonia Seltia Keros
LOL! What the hell on the last chapter, the whole thing came to me as something that would have come out of a cartoon... xD nice work again, Tom!
1/26/2008 c6 oo
LMAO. Yes, I always wondered why plants had more defense than anything else.
1/26/2008 c6 K005
xD It's funny because it's true!
1/26/2008 c6 3nashinashi
Awesome! Regardless of the fact that they wear out after 10 times, I'd still love to see people wearing plant armor.

I love these drabbles! And it's interesting to note the differences between your normal writing and your humor writing. Love it.

Keep updating!
12/28/2007 c5 L.C. Techno
It's one thing think up of names that could give hints or foreshadow your character. It's another thing to name a werewolf REMUS LUPIN.

Seihanine needs to be named Hawkeye or Arrowsquin or something. :/

Servantbleid? Oh, servant blade!
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