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for Who Wants To Race Me?

6/8/2019 c1 James
Sanic the hedge was never good
6/8/2019 c1 Liberal
3/5/2015 c8 Nicktoons13
Can you please update it already? It was a good fanfiction and I like to see what happens next.
8/14/2011 c8 SyahirSQRT2
it had been 3 YEARS AND 2 MONTHS since you last update this thing! please update, FAST!
7/10/2011 c8 6ChicFlick97
Holy crap, dude! Why'd you stop writing this? It's been three years since an update! I thought this story was actually rather interesting! This is blasphemy! I DEMAND AN UPDATE! ...please? :P

Excellent grammar and word usage, might I add. For a story that implies itself as if meant for 'cleaner' purposes, the vocabulary is collossal! It's amazed me. Especially Spongebob's vocabulary; it seems much larger than that of which is in the cartoon. But, I digress. It is your writing. :)

3/29/2010 c8 9Nimue's Lake
nice story...needs some improvement tho
11/18/2009 c2 8Pinkarray
That was a very very interesting chapter so far, keep it up, you're doing great!
6/27/2009 c8 4TMan5636
not bad.

its been a while since iread a decent fan-fic.

keep up the good work
6/5/2009 c8 3Beatleboy62
Well, i was psyched when i saw someone wrote a crossover containing sonic and spongebob.But now im just wondering what happened? The last update to this was in 08'. So, did you just fall off the face of the earth or something? I know im a total stranger but if you decide to write anything else about this, please tell me...


5/2/2008 c7 8Itanu
Writer's Blah,

That was an interesting chapter. Unfortunately, if you don't mind me saying so, it seemed slightly rushed, as well.

I don't recall any grammar or spelling errors in particular. I'm pretty sure you didn't make any on this chapter. In the name of the chapter itself, though, you spelled "infiltration" wrong. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, so don't let it drag you down.

I like how you got Knuckles and Plankton's computer to get into a conversation. It was actually pretty funny, the way they met.

All-in-all, this chapter is good, but not your best.

Until next time, Writer's Blah!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.

I like how you got Knuckles to
4/18/2008 c6 Itanu
Writer's Blah,

Awesome! This was a pretty good chapter.

I don't recall seeing any spelling or grammar mistakes, so I commend you on that. However, when you had Knuckles say "You really don't like H'2'O, Since it is impossible to make a subscript on the fanfiction-dot-net document writer, and the "2" you put looks more like a coefficient than a subscript, you might want to replace it with the word "water". That, however, is just my suggestion.

That was a seriously intense race!I like how you made Sonic sleep during the first lap and hide his true speed up until his fifth lap to give Sandy and Knuckles a "fair" chance. Of course, no one in the end beats Sonic the Hedgehog!

As for your "Chaos Control Freaks" story, sorry it's taking so long to get to it. Between homework, Tai Kwon Do, and domestic duties, I seldom get a chance to sit down at the computer. I'll try to visit your Sonic story ASAP, but I'm afraid I can't make any promises, all right?

Anyway, sorry it took so long to get to this story after you updated it.

Until next time, Writer's Blah!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.
3/21/2008 c5 Itanu
Writer's Blah,

That was a great chapter!

You made no spelling or grammar errors, as far as I could tell.

I personally thought that argument between Tails and Mr. Krabbs was funny! You'd make a good comedic writer. Scratch that, you ARE a comedic writer.

Anyway, I can hardly wait to see what happens next! I'd like to see what happens to Amy, too.

Anyway, I'll be looking out for that next chapter!

Until next time, Writer's Blah!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.
2/6/2008 c4 Itanu
Writer's Blah,

That was great! I love how in-character all the characters were, once again. I'm afraid it's late, and I don't think too well at the time I'm writing this review, so this will have to be very, very quick.

You seemed to make no errors... at all. Excellent job.

Also, I loved the way you got Sandy and Sonic to meet. I can hardly wait to see Sandy's reaction to Sonic's supersonic speed!

By the way, Kudos on mentioning that Air Necklace from Sonic Adventure 2. That was a nice, nostalgic turn.

All-in-all, great job. I'll be looking out for the next chapter!

Until next time, Writer's Blah!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.
1/24/2008 c3 Itanu
Writer's Blah,

This is shaping up to be a pretty good-looking story.

You made absolutely no flaws in grammar or spelling as far as I saw, so that's a very high achievement. I'm not saying you usually do make a bunch of mistakes, but there are countless other who do.

I can hardly wait to see where this goes. It's looking to be the best crossover I've ever read. Of course, it will be the ONLY fanfiction crossover I've ever read, but still...

The only concern on my part is that Blaze, in the situation of Amy hitting her, would probably have put up a good fight. I think you made Blaze (my third-favorite Sonic female) a little too vulnerable.

All-in-all, great chapter. I can hardly wait to read the next one. By the way, good job on keeping Sonic's home in-character. For a moment, I was actually afraid you were going to put him on Mobius or something.

Until next time, Writer's Blah!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.
1/7/2008 c2 Itanu
Writer's Blah,

This is certainly looking up to be interesting. I like how in-character all the Spongebob characters were. By the way, as far as I could tell, you made no grammatical errors at all. Good job.

I can't wait for the next chapter! We'll see how that underwater squirrel fares against the fastest thing alive! Mwu-ha-ha-ha-ha!

By the way, just so you know, Sonic lives on Earth. I think Station Square is located in New York City. Try to remember that as you write the next chapter, okay?

Also, I read your profile. Thank you very much. No one on has actually said on their profile that they like me before.

Anyway, until next time, Writer's Blah!

Signed with Humility,

Itanu the Author.

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