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for A Family for Christmas

7/7/2015 c1 1Queen Sound
This is a amazingly cute.
12/2/2014 c1 TimeKeeper6984
8/6/2012 c1 NightOfTheFullMoon
Great job!
1/22/2011 c1 creativesm75
9/21/2010 c1 Duncansshadow
that was not what i expected.
9/7/2009 c1 2Kitsune6
Just out of curiosity, were you an orphan after being beaten by your dad, or is that just your favorite story line to use? Because you use it a lot, and in an angsty, detailed way too.
5/22/2009 c1 619yellow 14
Another fic I was meant to review a while ago. Sorry. Cute and right for the season. Keep writing
1/30/2009 c1 5Greki
I remember I read this one some time ago. All I have to say is that it's fantastic. I don't know which one I like better, though. The Stalker or this one... I think I just like both! x3
7/11/2008 c1 191Luiz4200
Good story.
3/15/2008 c1 38almostinsane
Great story! I loved this! Thanks so much for writing this! God bless!
1/6/2008 c1 2b4ckstr33t
Ow thats so cute
12/26/2007 c1 4shocklance
What a cute story. I thought it was cool.
12/24/2007 c1 48Angel Maria Cloud
Well done Now read mine. The Night Before Christmas in the Bizarro World
12/23/2007 c1 1Manic Dormouseguy
A Very Touching Story. Excellent.

Happy Christmas!
12/22/2007 c1 Philip Gipson
This is something beautiful you put up here, XV. I was touched by this "W.I.T.C.H." Christmas story, which featured only Will and Susan. Will is out in the freezing cold because her dad blames her for her mom's death. Fate smiles upon her as Susan Claus takes Will in and brings her to the North Pole. I already read the previous Christmas tale you sent me, so you're pretty much covered. I like Will's full name Wilhelmina better than Wilma because to me, it makes more sense. I'm sure it makes more sense to you and Wilhelmina (the "W.I.T.C.H." fanfic writer, not the character). I'm anxious to see which one-shot you're going to do ("The Guardians of Candracar's End" or "Will and the Genie of the Necklace")? Hope you post one of 'em up soon.
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