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for Travels of the Mangekyo I: Harry Potter

5/3/2023 c19 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I have to admit that I really hate that Luna and fleur ended up dead. Guess it’s better then another life debt but still sucks.
7/6/2022 c21 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I just finished this story again and I have to say that the only issue I realized was that you had Bellatrix Lestrange die in chapter 19 at the Malfoy manor when Itachi killed her and the Malfoy’s and yet she was still alive in the last chapter where Ginny sees Bellatrix Lestrange kill molly only to end up being killed by Ginny afterwards. Just not sure what to think here is all.
7/1/2022 c22 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Well this surly was an interesting story. I wasn’t sure what to expect here when I first started and I’m surprised by how things turned out. I did find some things that were unexpectedly darker but interesting. Makes me wonder about some things with how things have gone.

Im having trouble deciding how to feel about those who have died and who ended up betraying others. Some of those were a pain for me.

I don’t recall it being revealed what happened to Ron and Hermione so I wonder what you might have had happen to them. I’m starting to wonder if you might not like those two very much though. Never really knew what to think of them myself with how things seem to be all over the place with the friendship.

I really like how the pairings happened here but I can’t help but wish that you would of had Luna added as well. I don’t get why but I always liked Luna and thought she would be good with Harry and Ginny if it could have been the three of them. The other three girls were a great idea I never thought of as well. Nice choice there
3/8/2022 c22 Argonaut986
Itachi will take his revenge on the real culprits behind the Uchiha massacre.
3/8/2022 c21 Argonaut986
Bill will rue the day he sold out Fleur.
3/8/2022 c20 Argonaut986
The finale is approaching, and it will be LEGENDARY!
3/8/2022 c19 Argonaut986
The deatheaters will pay for their crimes.
3/8/2022 c18 Argonaut986
Itachi and his ladies are using their cunningness.
3/8/2022 c17 Argonaut986
Itachi and his levies kicked caboose.
3/8/2022 c16 Argonaut986
Itachi escaped seeing this ladies in their underwear.
3/8/2022 c15 Argonaut986
Itachi will be able to find the items with his ladies.
3/8/2022 c14 Argonaut986
Itachi will be getting answers from James.
3/8/2022 c13 Argonaut986
Itachi is going to reveal everything.
3/8/2022 c12 Argonaut986
Itachi considers Ron and Hermione useless.
3/8/2022 c11 Argonaut986
Motorcycles are loud, and Hagrid’s motorcycle is no exception.
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