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for Doo 'awéé ééhoozIIh da The Lost Child

4/13/2008 c17 2Callista Wolfwood
I hope dinner goes well... update!
4/13/2008 c17 2akka
hey great chapter its good your establishing a whole new history for michael i like it. keep up the good work i cant wait for the next chapter
4/12/2008 c17 12Lackadaisical Pajamas
Amzaing ch! Loved the look back at young micheal so sweet and funny, can't wait to read when maria comes over that's seems like it will be very intresting :)
4/12/2008 c17 Gaialy
Well. Maggie does have the right to be the protective sister, because she dose not want to loose Michael in any shape or form...

more please
4/8/2008 c16 2Callista Wolfwood
4/6/2008 c16 12Lackadaisical Pajamas
love this ch...it was very funny, poor Micheal, human or alien always embarrssed aith the sex talk lol can't wait to read more :)
4/5/2008 c1 TinyBunny1987

I've really enjoyed reading ur story. Its funny yet sweet at the same time. Cant wait til the next chapter, love it.

Keep up the great work

4/5/2008 c16 25crazysnape

I still love this story, I love the way Maria take her discover of Micheal Being an alien, The relationship between Micheal and His parents. i suppose we will have a discussion between Maria and Catherin and I am eager to read it.

thanks and bys
4/5/2008 c16 2akka
loved it! cant wait fo the next update
4/5/2008 c16 Gaialy
OK- the scene with Michael and the sex talk? I was laughing my ass off:P

And when will the aliens find out about each other?

And again- will Maria and Michael get the flashes and find the orb thingy before the others do?
3/31/2008 c15 12Lackadaisical Pajamas
Loved this ch to pieces :) Too funny when Maria and Micheal were talking about being "lie'd"...lol that part really had me laughing, great job, can't wai tfor the next one!
3/30/2008 c15 2Callista Wolfwood
At least now michael has someone to talk to... update!
3/29/2008 c15 Gaialy
This will be very interesting...

Hm...and will Maria and Michael have the flashes? cause it would be so cool, when they would find out about the orb thingy before Liz and Max did:)
3/29/2008 c15 1RedJewel2662
Great chapter!
3/23/2008 c14 Gaialy
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