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for Doo 'awéé ééhoozIIh da The Lost Child

2/24/2008 c10 12Lackadaisical Pajamas
Plz tell me that 2moro is saturday and I can read more of this great fic...ok 2moro's monday but theres no harm in wishful thinking:) Loved everything about it, so glad to see Micheal and Maria coming together, when they kissed it was so them great job capturing that, look forward to reading more, and if you wanted to update sooner I wouldnt be against it :)
2/23/2008 c10 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
yay they kissed now happy!
2/17/2008 c9 Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
pleeaz tell me they kiss in the next chapter! which i cant wait for
2/17/2008 c9 12Lackadaisical Pajamas
Wow that was amazing. I oved everything about this chapter, you write them so well together, and the thing with the hores is just 2 perfect, great job, look forward to next saturday...but if you wanted to post sooner I would be fine with that :)...just a thought.
2/12/2008 c8 Lackadaisical Pajamas
Wow this is amazing! I love where ur going with this story...its been some time snice I read a candy fic as good a this one,love the plot and relationships that are forming,can't wait 2 read more:) update soon! Plz
2/9/2008 c8 2akka
more i want more lovin this story cant wait for the next chapter
2/9/2008 c8 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
2/7/2008 c1 beckymecat
Great story! keeps me hanging in suspense for the next chapter.

keep it up, cant wait!
2/3/2008 c7 TabiKat
I am kind of in love with this story! I love the whole idea of it, and the way you've actually gone with it. Just awesome, and I can't wait for more!
2/2/2008 c7 2Callista Wolfwood
2/2/2008 c7 2Shannara810

Chapter really, really good but this is no news when we are speaking of this fic. However, I've esteemed a lot this kind of Alex's Revenge, when in the show he was, let's say it, a sort of Isabel's puppet always under her orders. Finally, the poor boy has become a person of character. Good, good.

Well, Max & Liz... Max & Liz are the really essence of the term "fluffiness" and this is why I like Michel and Maria. Thay have, I don't know how to say it well, "The Force". Because Max and Liz... Well, are they never bored to be always so, so, so sweet and dopey?

Anyway, see you next week, hoping with more Michael/Maria action... See you soon.
1/31/2008 c6 25crazysnape
i really love your story si thanks for writing it and good luck for the next chapter
1/27/2008 c6 2Callista Wolfwood
this is a really good story so far and I can't wait for the next chapter. update!
1/26/2008 c6 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
1/26/2008 c6 2akka
I cant get enough of this story. cant wait till the next chapter is up
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