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for Doo 'awéé ééhoozIIh da The Lost Child

1/26/2008 c6 2Shannara810
IT'S FAMILY TIME! The chapter was great even if with so little Michael/Maria scenes... However great just the same!

If I have to be frank, I've hated Liz a little. I cannot say exactly why, but her words irritated me. She expect Maria to forgive her. Despite all her secrets and lies. This isn't a charge against you, quite the contrary. It's an unusual event, for me, to find a story which can enchanted me this way.

I'll end this rewiew here otherwise I'll become repetitive. So, till the next week. What a long week this one will be...
1/22/2008 c5 2akka
hey great story really enjoying it. cant wait till the next chapter is up
1/21/2008 c5 3Jed52
This was a very nice chapter. The Michael-Maria interaction is just perfect. You've portrayed them really well! I loved how Maria put that Mr Potter back to his place!

The conversations are really in-keeping with the story.

Thumbs up!
1/20/2008 c5 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
good can't wait for more
1/19/2008 c5 2Shannara810
WOW! Great chapter! Together, Michael and Maria are an incredible couple! They are relenteless. I like how Spaceboy is so charmed by Maria's character and how he is trying to hide it. Even if everyone has already noticed it...

So, I wanted to ask you something in the last chapter but, sorry for me, I kinda forgot: why the name Magnum? River Dog knows what Michael is, right? So, he has already told the boy about his encounter with Nasedo?

Sorry for all this questions but your story has enchanted me so much!
1/12/2008 c4 1RedJewel2662
Great chapter! I love how maria rambled! It was so cute!
1/12/2008 c4 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
yay! well not that maria almost got raped but i mean yay that she and michael r okay n wat is isabel up to?
1/12/2008 c4 2Shannara810
And, finally, it's Saturday again! My favourite day of all the week. Because, believe me, I live for the Saturdays when I can read a new chapter of your incredible fiction!

This one was phenomenal, extraordinary, exceptional... OK, I end with the synonymous words here because, otherwise, I'd become boring. The feeling between Michael and Maria was so... So obvious! I was able to see, in my head, the two characters speaking, observing themself, interacting like I was seeing an episode of the show... Fantastic!

And Maggie & Co... Well, they are crazy...

Thanks a lot for answering to my questions. Now, I understand the story better. Waiting for next Saturday will be really an agony! Above all, because I think Isabel will be up for something serious. And Michael and Maria will be bickering more and more for the pleasure of us, poor and fond readers.

So, see you next week.
1/7/2008 c3 maji343
love this story please keep writing more

1/5/2008 c3 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
Please tell me that Maria's gonna show up!
1/5/2008 c3 1RedJewel2662
Poor Michael! Great chapter
1/5/2008 c3 2Shannara810
At last, it's Saturday! I've been on tenterhooks all the week!

The chapter was great, even if too short! Your story is like a delicious ice-cream: you see it and your mouth stuffed itself with spittle... But, with a snap, the ice-cream is already disappeared!

I really liked your idea of Michael's family... They are so nice and tender... Maggie is incredible! Just the kind of people Spaceboy always lacked in the show.

I hope the things with Maria will end well... But, when the encounter with the other aliens will be? Later, even Tess and Nasedo will make an apparence?

Sorry, but I'm a little confused... And, I don't know if I can ask you these things or you'll write them in the next chapters... Well, what happened the day of the shooting? You know, in the episode 0. Instead of Michael, was there Isabel with Max? And Alex with Liz?

Sorry, for all these questions...

However, I'm waiting with trepidation the next! Your italian fan.
12/30/2007 c2 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
update soon cant wait 4 da nxt chap
12/29/2007 c2 2Shannara810

I think your fiction is great! Above all, because it coincides with the reapluca, here in Italy, of the show "Roswell".

I love so much the couple Maria/Michael, they are funny, winsome, real! And, let's say the truth: Max and Liz are so... so... How can I make you understand... Even too sweet!

Your idea is very interesting: maybe, with River Dog, Michael could have had a more normal and happy childhood. Above all, without the costant parallel with the Evan's life, he would not be so angry with other people. Maybe.

I hope you'll write the next chapter soon.

Your italian fan.
12/27/2007 c1 9Lil-Miss-Sarcasm AKA RJ
good chapter cant wait 4 more
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