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for Tears on Snow

6/14/2009 c1 melodyz07
That was really nice ^^
5/13/2008 c1 16anon azure

That nightmare cared me...


They're married...
1/23/2008 c1 7Yuka Hasumi

i read this ages ago but never reviewed! n i didn't see that note you wrote in the beginning about me n Kimiko liking yaoi!


hahahahaha... of all things! nice fic! sweet!
12/23/2007 c1 2Scarlet-Zaku-X1
phew... i was thinking that was not a dream, as it seemed real... hehe... it was a good one-shot, the idea to use a Sakura tree in a middle of a frozen wasteland is a very imaginative one... I was able to picture it even in a hot environment, adding to that, it made me have a cold feeling running through my body... good one!
12/23/2007 c1 17Yuuram88
Awe that was sad but yet so sweet when Wolfram realized it was a bad dream. Thanx for posting it made my holiday break even more sweet and enjoyable. XD!
12/23/2007 c1 3Eveliina92
Wow, this was one of the cutest stories I have ever read. Thanks.
12/23/2007 c1 14eclst
Aww! It was so cute!

Hpope to see more form you =D

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