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for Boromir and the No Good, Very Bad Day

3/4/2012 c1 10queenofinsane
Haha this is pretty funny. What's really funny to me is that my 3rd grade class turned the original story into a song for a music show we did. So i can't help but sort of sing this in my head as i read it. XD Cute parody.
6/26/2011 c1 1IntrepidLlama
Oh, this made me chuckle! Thanks for posting it! ^.^
12/2/2010 c1 Jay-Jay and Dove-girl
good story.
6/14/2010 c1 Arwin's vicious vampire horse
oh my gosh! that is soooo cute! i was so serprised to find that fanfiction...when i was little my mum would read me Alaxandra and the terable horrable no good very bad day all the time, so i knew like every word of it! then i read yours and it was soooo funny! anyway, great job!

keep writing!

~arwin's vicous vampire horse
5/6/2010 c1 7Nightshade Scribe
Oh, Boromir, you always to get the wrong end of the stick, don't you?
1/16/2010 c1 43Mercury Gray
This was quite possibly one of the cutest, most endearing things I've ever read in my entire life. I like how you took Alexander's bad day and made it into Boromir's - there were a few stretches here and there but you kept most of the original ideas intact and I think that's really cool and says a lot about your talent as a writer and your powers of observation. I especially liked the line about his sissy looking night shirt. Excellent job!
4/23/2009 c1 Anonymous
Guess who's father says he can't have the Great Horn until he is older?

That is the best line ever!

This is such a cute story. I love how Boromir says how everything is bad and wants to move to Dol Amroth only to conclude that Mother says some days are like that. That is sweet.
9/9/2008 c1 12Blue-Starlight92
Very funny, very cute!
5/30/2008 c1 37black4minister
hahaha, hilarious, so good! keep it up! ;-)
5/9/2008 c1 47Nelarun
laughed the whole way through. Well done.

1/6/2008 c1 13Ilovepi
Ha Ha ha

I used to love that book! this was a great middle earth adaptation.
12/24/2007 c1 31Lily Winterwood
This is hilarious. Maybe you can do one for Legolas or something! :)
12/23/2007 c1 Lord Arandur
Aww, poor Boromir. I feel so bad for him! This was really great, thanks!
12/23/2007 c1 bev
Mother is very wise.
12/23/2007 c1 5Cinnamon Plum
This totally made my day. The book about Alexander is very funny; your parody with poor Boromir is hysterical. All the Minas Tirith equivalents were spot on (though I had doubts about the whole going out to buy swords bit, which seemed just a little out of place, though it does lend a commendable absurdity) especially in Denethors office.

This was absolutely brilliant.
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