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for Draco Malfoy & the Broken Heart

12/8/2014 c9 ManonVarendaz
I really like the story so far. So I will keep my eye on this to see where this is going. Please don't give up on it. Thank you for sharing your story.
8/26/2013 c9 bluephoenix65069
9/14/2009 c9 2Waterlily31294
gr8 chapter! please update soon!
8/23/2009 c8 4Jiffie
Awe, sadness; Draco's so stupid, ehy couldn't he just admit that he wanted to be with her and not because of the break up with Pansy! I hope the baby's fine, and how did everyone but Draco know XD, she must be huge!
8/12/2009 c8 FaceOfAMask
0.0 Wow. Did not see that coming! Can't wait for the next one.
8/11/2009 c8 2Waterlily31294
gr8 chapter and story! please update soon!
6/7/2009 c7 28DallasWinstonLove
love the bloody story. How much that really can happen on just so little time.
6/1/2009 c7 LovingBlackParadise
aww he just used her for a rebound ? that sucks ugh im hating draco right now .. I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW SHE IS PREGNANT ! ohh i loved the song that you said you were listening to the whole time i listened to it while i read the story it is great . update soon ( and if you have another songs to recomend lol )
5/31/2009 c6 LovingBlackParadise
YOU DEDICATED THE CHAPTER TO ME ? thats so sweet .. thank you . i loved this chapter . her getting sick in front of everyone was perfect . lol i didnt exactly imagine it like that though lol . cant wait till draco and pansy and ... everyone finds out about the baby ... update soon ! i hope draco still loves her .. and why would he be connected to pansy i dont get it
5/28/2009 c5 LovingBlackParadise
GET YOUR BOOTY BACK ON TRACK ! i want you to update soon and you havent updated in a long time .. so finish this story pleasse cause i gotta know how it turns out . when everyone finds out shes pregnant. If draco goes back to her if she starts getting wierd cravings and horrible emotions if she gets sick in class .. come on im so excited and i want more .. but you stopped and its sad. so update soon
2/3/2009 c4 bluephoenix65069
i like the story what happens next?
9/21/2008 c3 1gwathiel
I really like this story. I want to see what else you have instore for this. Kepp up the good work
7/6/2008 c3 FaceOfAMask
Ew EW EW, and also EW. Gross. Pansy tongue!
7/6/2008 c2 FaceOfAMask
Prego to the reescue! and yes, why?
1/11/2008 c2 Resentful
Yeah. why? Oh wait duh. She's pregnant. Lol.
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