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for Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle

12/8/2021 c29 JuliusMD
Thank you for writing this.
Even if I am a bit sad that she did not attend the Mors Mortis Society, because this kind of spells could be really helpful later on.
12/5/2021 c4 JuliusMD
Why is Ms Grimm saying Muggles? Isn't the USA using NoMajs?
11/9/2021 c26 Hoseoko
I’m sobbing oh my god I suspected him but I never thought it would end like that
11/8/2021 c19 Hoseoko
I think I’d be more inclined to believe that everything that has happened to Alexandra was accidental if it weren’t for the kapa incident. It’s mentioned they don’t reside in the us, so how did one just happen to be in the pond near her house? Or maybe I’m wrong and it truly was incidental, I can’t wait to find out !
10/27/2021 c29 Zeriame
Just found it some days ago, i loved it.
From the writing style to the script, the characters, everything. I think ill read the entire series rn.
Thank you !
9/1/2021 c13 11SeaFeudJagger
And so the plot thickens with another attempted murder on Alexandra.

I'm starting to suspect Journey here is the one behind the attacks, and that his genuine surprise shown int his chapter has more to do with Alexandra having managed to escape death this time around. He's been present in all three attempts so far. But I can't think of a reason why, or why his attempts are so abysmal.
9/1/2021 c12 SeaFeudJagger
A mention of the the First and Second Wizarding War in Britain was nice to hear, and some of the ramifications Voldemort's rise as a Dark Lord affected other magical communities like in America. I'm curious at what the Dark Convention actually is.

Also the term Governer-General as the head of the American Magical government confuses me. Does that mean Wizarding America has a military army rather than Aurors?

The political climate between the Dark Convention and the Confederation Congress here does remind me a bit of when Communism was considered a threat during the mid-20th century.
9/1/2021 c11 SeaFeudJagger
Damn, Dean Grimm is one cold-hearted bitch but her punishment is very fitting for Alexandra. Harsh it may be but I can't think of any other ay for Alexandra to think upon the consequences of her actions if her friends weren't dragged down with her if she does something again.

Nice to see Anna and Alexandra reconcile though. The students trying to get Alexandra and Larry close to each other so they can turn into rats is kinda hilarious, exactly how I expected magical teenagers would have done in that situation.

Ooooh, another attempted murder. I'm getting Snape-Quirrel vibes here. Grimm is obviously Snape in this situation, now who would be Quirrel?
9/1/2021 c10 SeaFeudJagger
Huh, so Charmbridge has both Quidditch and Quidpot as sports? Neat.

Ah, Alex, you somehow manage to find a way to keep pushing your friends away from you. It's almost a skill, really.

Hmm, Shirtliffe is making a lot of sense here. Even if I do think the rhymes are cool way to use magic, it's difficult to keep relying on it in the long run and can't be used in a pickle or spontaneously unlike an incantation. It should only be used as a last resort or to surprise the enemy.

I don't think Alex is going to be invited into Quidpot this time despite her great flying lol. Oh boy, Dean Grimm is going to raise hell for that stunt.
9/1/2021 c9 SeaFeudJagger
Troublesome, eh? Quite the fitting nickname for Alexandra. The balls and brashness in this kid knows no bounds.

The sudden change of POV to Albo was a bit jarring, not sure if that was even needed. But I would love to see him and his thugs be put in their place.

The little things about this school like Dean Grimm ahving a portrait be her secretary adds a bit of wonder to Charmsbridge. Though all its staff seems to suck, except for Saltliffe, the Librarian and Journey.

Really interested in the list of names Miss Grinder mentioned. Are they all real people? The amount of research you did for this is impressive. Not to mention that poem. It's no Sorting Hat Song but it's equally fun!
9/1/2021 c8 SeaFeudJagger
Well that sucks for Alexandra.

Also, warning to any new readers of this fic. Don't look up the reviews for each chapter since plenty of them are on their second or third re-read and just casually spoil stuff to their heart's content. Hopefully I'll be able to forget some of the stuff spoiled to me already after some time away from this.

I'm really curious more about the Confederation Congress's history compared to MaCUSA. Charmbridge sounds more interesting yet stricter than Hogwarts. I'm having a bit of trouble imagining the layout and architecture of the school itself. Is it like the Pentagon?
9/1/2021 c7 SeaFeudJagger
Well, now we know why the school's called Charmbridge. It doesn't surprise me that the precarious invisible bridge would fail, wizards do tend to have a knack for avoiding any and all safety protocols. And we have the mention of another school in Sedona! I wonder what's its name...

Idk why, but I like Alexandra's way of channeling her magic via rhymes rather than incantations. It's rather creative yet challenging at the same time. The intent is what matters after all.

Ben Journey sounds like a cool dude.
8/24/2021 c6 SeaFeudJagger
The Goblin Market has the same exact enchanting feel to Diagon Alley with a unique twist of its own. Especially Grundy's, I really like the department store concept. Clockwork golems is an interesting idea. I'm guessing American wizards are more accepting of fiddling with modern machines and mechanical inventions than their European counterparts.

Having the blood purists in the US be actual rednecks is actually a stroke of genius lol.

I think the heavy foreshadowing on Alexandra being a Dark witch seems a bit much though.
8/24/2021 c5 SeaFeudJagger
Lmao not even 24 hours later and Alexandra already breaks a law. The Weasley twins would be proud of her.

Huh, so kids have to take a Junior Spawn even before enrolling into day-care schools? Education seems to be a top priority for Magical America. I'm liking this group of witches and wizard so far. Curious about the Ozarks, and that mention of Confederation law. Your Magical America is not all what I expected, and I want to know more.

I do like that there's 4 big schools along with smaller schools spread out across America. Just one school like Ilvermony cannot handle all the wizarding children of a continent as large as North America. Compared to Britain's island population, it'd be impossible.
8/24/2021 c4 SeaFeudJagger
What an fascinating introduction to the American wizarding world. I'm definitely intrigued by Lilith Grimm.

Actual magical repurposed cars? Damn, Arthur would have loved to visit America just for that.
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