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for Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle

9/1/2021 c7 11SeaFeudJagger
Well, now we know why the school's called Charmbridge. It doesn't surprise me that the precarious invisible bridge would fail, wizards do tend to have a knack for avoiding any and all safety protocols. And we have the mention of another school in Sedona! I wonder what's its name...

Idk why, but I like Alexandra's way of channeling her magic via rhymes rather than incantations. It's rather creative yet challenging at the same time. The intent is what matters after all.

Ben Journey sounds like a cool dude.
8/24/2021 c6 SeaFeudJagger
The Goblin Market has the same exact enchanting feel to Diagon Alley with a unique twist of its own. Especially Grundy's, I really like the department store concept. Clockwork golems is an interesting idea. I'm guessing American wizards are more accepting of fiddling with modern machines and mechanical inventions than their European counterparts.

Having the blood purists in the US be actual rednecks is actually a stroke of genius lol.

I think the heavy foreshadowing on Alexandra being a Dark witch seems a bit much though.
8/24/2021 c5 SeaFeudJagger
Lmao not even 24 hours later and Alexandra already breaks a law. The Weasley twins would be proud of her.

Huh, so kids have to take a Junior Spawn even before enrolling into day-care schools? Education seems to be a top priority for Magical America. I'm liking this group of witches and wizard so far. Curious about the Ozarks, and that mention of Confederation law. Your Magical America is not all what I expected, and I want to know more.

I do like that there's 4 big schools along with smaller schools spread out across America. Just one school like Ilvermony cannot handle all the wizarding children of a continent as large as North America. Compared to Britain's island population, it'd be impossible.
8/24/2021 c4 SeaFeudJagger
What an fascinating introduction to the American wizarding world. I'm definitely intrigued by Lilith Grimm.

Actual magical repurposed cars? Damn, Arthur would have loved to visit America just for that.
7/21/2021 c29 SomeGuyFawkes
Overall, a pretty good story with good use of the best story traditions/practices.

The narrative engages well and we still care about Alex.

Plus it's obvious that there should be several more switcheroos and reveals a-comin'.
7/21/2021 c27 SomeGuyFawkes
This was written after Rowling retcon'd the fidelius and I'm glad you went with the more sensible result of a dead secret keeper. BUT, the fidelius requires *trust* in the secret keeper by those hiding the secret. This means that the secret keeper *must* be able to betray the secret, which means that the secret keeper must know the secret. A baby with no language, nor long-term memory, skills cannot be a secret keeper.
7/21/2021 c22 SomeGuyFawkes
Sweet! Put a vampire in charge of the census office, which helpfully lists all those defenseless, tasty, mudblood children - ripe for the harvesting. ;)
7/21/2021 c20 SomeGuyFawkes
What the heck? Just when it looked like Alexandra might finally start to wise-up (just barely) she's back to idiotically taking a magic-bound dare that a 4 year-old could see through?
Seems like lazy writing; really bumps the story off track.
7/20/2021 c19 SomeGuyFawkes
›› We don't get white Christmases in California.
Oh, dear. Now I wonder what that white stuff, on the local (Truckee, CA) ski slope, really was. Some scary chemical like di-hydrogen monoxide I bet... ;)
7/20/2021 c13 SomeGuyFawkes
›› "It is most likely," she said at last, "that your earlier tampering with the Clockworks...
Well that blatant lie, on top of the previous evasions/lies, cinches it. Grimm is not just oblivious but maliciously trangressing against our heroine.
Can't wait to see where you go with this, as long as none of the (all too) common fanfic cheats are used. (Which this fic has avoided so far.)
7/20/2021 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
Slow build but, so far (through chap. 9) a classic Fish-Out-of-Water / Ugly-Duckling / childhood-adventure story. We sympathize with Alexandra's perspective and she seems a mostly good-hearted menace - with the requisite hints of major skullduggery in her background.

Nicely crafted world building on top of HP lore. It's thankfully devoid of that asinine MACUSA crap that Rowling vomited into the Fantastic Beast movies.

Of course, ASPEW is a good detail but we still want more HP in this HP story. We want Harry to show up, kicking ass and taking names (and he's all out of writing implements).
7/10/2021 c6 guest reviewer
omg, i cant believe her being troublesome was hinted at this early... thinking back it was probably even ealier and i hadnt been paying attention
7/9/2021 c8 TheGoodboy0
This resonates so hard I'm having traumatic flashbacks to sixth grade.
7/9/2021 c26 TheGoodboy0
That's not how the Fidelius Charm works
6/17/2021 c29 28illjwamh
I enjoyed this story very much. There were times I forgot entirely that it was meant to be HP fanfiction; you've created a very complete world here and I've been sucked in completely. I'm moving on to year two right this minute.
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