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for Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle

6/17/2021 c25 28illjwamh
Excellent payoff. Feel like I should have seen that coming. Always the one you least expect, after all.
5/12/2021 c29 Joao Feipe
Great book, nice characters, the plot started slowly but I was always interested, I also liked how the book finished.
I just had an issue with the Academy, I think it is not even close to Hogwarts, it looks like a very simple school, but it is incredible that a fanfic is so well written, after trying 5 fanfic series this is just the second one that got me!
4/9/2021 c29 Guest
Holy crap you deserve more reviews!

Suppose I ought to have been reviewing all along, but I'm awful bad at that. Then again you're to blame for keeping me hooked :P

Generally feedback, besides its very good, particularly world building and OCs:

School itself doesn't give a huge amount of flavour, or particularly /magical/- as in an enchanting whimsy that elicits desire to be there and experience it (like Hogwarts).
David is meh. Like Anna, love Constance and Forbearance.
(Troublesome bit was incredibly well done).
I heard bad things about Alexandra, but maybe because I came in expecting the worst, but she didn't put me off at all.
Ms Grimm in some ways is very good, first couple office scenes were well done, and her going for ice cream fine. But in other ways she doesn't quite feel real. Somehow less grounded or fitting, like an anime character or something.
Oh, and the magical duels- especially between Grimm and Benedict left something wanting. Neither top tier as with Voldemort v Dumbledore or a step below, like McGonagall v Snape or a step below that. Felt more school-age throw a spell, then them, rather than a weaving, flowing magic offense and defense all at once.

But these are quibbles, and offered in case you wanted honest opinion and feedback. Really though I immensely enjoyed it. I suppose that leaves unsaid most everything you did right, but its harder to enumerate and pinpoint exactly what they are.

Anyway, thank you!
4/6/2021 c8 1MItzreal
Its official I hate David's character so far. at this point I'd be happier if be got hit by a bus.
2/1/2021 c25 Hannah
I love that he leaves saying that what happens to Anna will be Alexandra’s responsibility and Grimm is all “that’s so evil” but it’s the same weight she has been putting on Alex the whole book! Also this is such a lovely, well written and fun story. It makes it into that precious group of fics that I treasure more than most published works. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you have put into this series and these characters!
1/27/2021 c8 1The One-Eyed Wolf
I am angry on her behalf
1/24/2021 c14 danielpheonix
I. love Poe. and Bran they're so. wholesome and lovely
1/24/2021 c10 danielpheonix
I'm disappointed that David's personality is I'm black and hotheaded boy
1/24/2021 c10 danielpheonix
Ms. troublesome really alex well
11/9/2020 c26 vacantvagrant
I'm currently re-reading the series and am *loving* it. Thank you for this amazing series, Invarity!
11/5/2020 c5 16emily4498
This story kept coming up in suggestions for a good OC story but I haven't picked it up until now and I regret picking it up at all.
The first few chapters were amazing at setting up Alexandra's character, but as soon as Dean Grimm arrived, things just got confusing. There are all these facets of the wizarding culture that just aren't explained. I know I'm not far into this, but on the bus ride, you have the characters 'getting to know each other' but no explanations for their various backgrounds or what they're referring to. A half-dozen different communities and facets of culture are brought up, but no explanation is given for any of them and the narration doesn't give any guidance on what's important to remember or what questions the readers should be asking. I really don't appreciate it when people talk over my head, and that's what has been happening for the last two chapters, with no attempt to explain things. I get that the story is in third-person-limited and Alexandra is rather lost, but as a reader, I feel like I'm being treated like an eleven-year-old that doesn't deserve to have the world explained to her, not seeing through the perspective of an eleven-year-old character trying to understand the world around her.
I might have been able to deal with that, but I simply don't like Alexandra. She has a lot of potential in terms of character development, but as of the moment, she's cruel, self-centered, and has no respect for anyone or anything around her, which garners her no sympathy from me, much less the empathy needed for the reader to connect with the character. The only character I like so far is Brian, but he's clearly not a mainstay of the story. In fact, I'm fairly certain he's just a plot device character who is going to end up dead halfway through, or at least never mentioned again. The characters all rely heavily on archetypes mushed together in a setting that has yet to make sense 30,000 words into the story.
I'm putting this down and I feel like I wasted my morning reading as much of it as I have.
TLDR: The setting/AU hasn't been explained/doesn't make sense, the characters are unlikable, and the tone is patronizing to the reader.
9/12/2020 c29 Iniga
I'd been considering reading your work for a while, but the length and the cult following are both intimidating, so I put it off. I'm so glad I've finally experienced it. I just love the way you wrote Alexandra. Don't get me wrong- she is HARD to take in the early chapters because she's self-centered and arrogant and sometimes vicious. But that's what makes it such a pleasure to watch her learn and grow and become a person who's capable of caring about her friends more than she cares about herself at least on occasion.

Partway through the climax, I started to wonder who would play the main characters in the film version... before I remembered that despite the original characters, original settings, and original plot, this is fanfiction. Fanfiction at its best. Thanks for sharing.
8/4/2020 c9 Diamondfiend
That's a lot of big talk coming from the woman who okayed usage of a magically constructed bridge over which the entirety of the student body traverses, with zero redundancies to ensure student well-being should it be dispelled. Thinking of the liability charges that could be levied against me, I would be sweating a lot more were I in Grimm's shoes. Like seriously, how hard would it be to charm an existing bridge to be invisible? Or to charm vegetation on the cliffsides underneath to catch anything possessing a wand that's falling? At least then there wouldn't be a single point of failure. What an oversight, holy crap, don't lord your mastery of magic over the muggle student body when you can't even handle a damn bridge for god's sake.
7/7/2020 c29 Tia
I like it. I love Alexandra's characteristics, the adventures she experienced, and how the world building is in this story.
6/16/2020 c13 HappyFace861
I really dont like how Alexandra is so set back from everyone else
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