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for Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle

11/19/2019 c16 Kyle
I'd love to see this story from the villain's view.
11/19/2019 c15 Kyle
If she had a brain perhaps she could make a 'copy' of the objects she can't have like the potion supplies perhaps with one of her stupid rhymes.

Her rhymes remind me of the N64 game Banjo Kazooie sandcastle codes which you can only do 2 of if they alter the main hub though other codes don't matter.

Their codes rhyme something like THEGRILLEGOESBOOMTOTHESHIPPICTUREROOM which removes the barrier to the puzzle picture of Rusty Bucket Bay and to open that level the cheat code is LETSTAKEATRIPINSIDEGRUNTYSRUSTYSHIP.
11/19/2019 c14 Kyle
I like all the details in this story once the propaganda is pushed aside. I wonder where in general the school is suppose to be? Somewhere in the mountain SW?
11/19/2019 c13 Kyle
As a fan of climate and weather I'd like to know if you ever see my comments is how many inches of snow it would take to shut down their school? There's a map that went viral on Reddit showing the amount of inches it takes to shut down schools across counties based on various data from comments/media sources,school websites that provide policy with a revision of it.

Note: This doesn't count cold days which is what the majority of Midwest/North East get when temps reach certain thresholds.
11/19/2019 c12 Kyle
Now your trying to bring up Mc carthyism which is whole different pandora's box your opening up. You can't expect ALL of us to be too stupid to figure out the meaning behind your fic. As the old saying goes. 'You can fool some of the people some of the time'.

I'll give you the brief version behind it as you likely weren't taught this in school.

Mc Carthyism has real purpose and threats behind it but he did go too far in putting people away but the threats have been hanging since the 1920s and 30s going ignored by mostly union mob bosses working with powers higher to overload the system.

If you want to see something amazing look up The House on 92nd street which is the Mc Carthyism threat growing on Youtube it's black and white but restored pretty good.

God that show is SO amazing even though there isn't much action in it and how well we used our resources to stop the Atomic bomb aka Process 97 from falling into the wrong hands before and during the 2nd war. All except the names of the people are true and the actors really were secret FBI people during it so they knew how to act instead of guessing.

This was well before the public even knew of the Atom Bomb's AKA: Process 97's existence! Everyone did a good job keeping it secret despite a few 'slips' here and there but not enough to be damaging. Everything happened at the right timing.
11/19/2019 c13 Kyle
If you ever watched Night of the Museum I'm thinking of that kind of monkey whom kept stealing the keys from the night guard till he got wise and gave him baby keys from I guess a dollar store . "No no. These are baby keys for baby Dexter!. I told you a storm was coming!" my favorite quote in the whole movie besides the gum gum quote.
11/19/2019 c12 Kyle
I can see the Conservative VS Republican bull shit version plain as day. The story literally spells it out. I can't believe the amount of idiots that actually buy it hook line and sinker.

While you live in your protected academic world a lot of us know things that can only be brought to by experience no amount of blueprints or papers can prepare you for.

BTW: This brainwashing isn't new either it goes back to the Fabian's 1920s/30s our last bit of true freedom post Robber Baron era which we are in Robber Baron 2.0 digital.

I've seen things you can't possibly imagine being stuck in your Liberal Arts schools and you all come out thinking you know a lot but are very much a mind full of fluff. "Maybe people really are that stupid".

To India the majority of us are no better then a 3rd grade (at best) putting it politely.

I bet you will jump up and down on your keyboard like a AI monkey screaming insults which I am not going to have any part of. Instead of being a rat I think Alexandria's form would be a monkey.
11/19/2019 c10 Kyle
"She never MEANT to hurt her friends , She was just proud and stubborn" that is our problem with our politicians and society as a whole. Pride is actually the worst sin and for very valid reasons once you see the entire picture!
11/19/2019 c9 Kyle
The US of f'king A is in the way a major ropadblock for the one world order so they are systematically making the country broken. The purpose of Trump was to work with Hillary hence the mysterious phone calls to her to wreck any opposition group but he saw opportunity to double cross her and realized he can fix our business problems buty is being blocked by a-holes so can get nothing done. Though he has done more then any President since Reagan.

He brought back the bust of Churchill on day 1, he restored our lumber mills and for a short while gave back jobs to coal workers whom by the way never siphoned off of assistance they pooled money privately to survive the 08 depression with family members so it was never taken out of tax payers ass. He stopped a giant mosque at the heritage center of the Twin Towers which would've been a BIG insult.

He made it so you don't go to jail if you can't pay Obama/Hillary care. All our good doctors fled under it and we got crappy replacements. In our area the big doctor clin ic pulled out and went back to the old fashion way of giving you full treatment. Under Obamacare you would only get seen for 15 mins for one thing at a time.

Trump restored our military and is doing his best to have it be for defense only not a world policeman. He stated that game is done.
11/19/2019 c8 Kyle
Since you brought up racism it's my civil duty to give you a more correct view of the overall picture that MSM teachings will NEVER mention as the truth will blow back to their already low /2019/06/25/its-our-elites-who-are-driving-americas-divisions/
11/18/2019 c8 Kyle
I wouldn't be so quick to scuff the idea of a scheduled death here and there.

Big globalist companies do those kinds of things all the time. In the 1800s/1900s a good chunk of this crap was tied to people like JP Morgan. Teddy Rosevelt used antitrust laws to bust a lot of it up. We for a short time had true capitalism until FDR made monopolies for WW2 and his eight point plan of provocation against Japan. Here's a small sample of what I meant. /pearl-harbor-roosevelts-9-11-by-james-perloff/ Original Article by James Perloff: /2014/11/06/pearl-harbor-roosevelts-911/

'False flags do not stand alone. They are better understood – and more credibly explained to skeptics – when seen in history’s context.' that sentence couldn't be closer to the truth. If you view one false flag you can brush it away or save it for later information but once you start making connections things go 'hmmmmm'.

On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese planes, launched from aircraft carriers, attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, sinking or heavily damaging 18 ships (including eight battleships), destroying 188 planes, and leaving over 2,000 servicemen killed.'

Here's where things get weird.

'Up until then, however, Americans had overwhelmingly opposed involvement in World War II. They had been thoroughly disillusioned by the First World War:

although they had been told they would be fighting for “democracy” in that previous war, taxpayers learned from the postwar Graham Committee of Congress that they’d been defrauded out of some $6 billion in armaments that were never manufactured or delivered1;
atrocity tales about German soldiers (such as cutting the hands off thousands of Belgian children) had turned out to be fabrications;
the sinking of the Lusitania – the central provocation that ultimately led to the U.S. declaration of war – had been committed by Germany not to kill women and children (as propaganda claimed), but to prevent tens of tons of war munitions from reaching the European front. (Click here for a debunking of the Lusitania myth.)
When the Maine sank, the proactive Assistant Secretary of the Navy had been Teddy Roosevelt. After the 1898 Spanish-American War he became governor of New York, and by 1901 was President of the United States. When the Lusitania sank, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy was his distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt – who likewise went on to become governor of New York and then President.'
11/18/2019 c7 Kyle
If you have moderate knowledge of geography and some basic level of climate you can do a guessimate fairly accurate of where you are and be roughly close at least in terms of latitude. Most of the USA is between 30 degrees and at most 50 degrees north.

The majority of it lies between 35 and 45 degrees and gets air masses from both sides. Anywhere in a line from Dallas south to Colorado Springs north and make an imaginary line has a more 'southern' feel to the climate and the infrastructure abilities dealing with weather reflect it with an exception of the PNW.
11/18/2019 c7 SortingHat
This is the "Hollywood" version of Conservatives nothing remotely like the real life. /2019/06/25/its-our-elites-who-are-driving-americas-divisions/ I saw this coming back in 06 when phones and social media came. Before that crap we used to have PERSONAL websites where we controlled the traffic and whom we let in.

It was like our own digital house we could control the lights and heat. (As long as we paid the bills of course) :) And before Google's crap we had webrings to give us sites similar to yours. If you were more advance you would use Gopher.
11/18/2019 c6 SortingHat
BTW: Obama actually did enough illegal things to be worthy of being put to death in the 'chair'. When the Republicans went to impeach him they didn't drag it on for years. They went thru the proper channels and when they said NO and threatened their lives they backed down.
11/18/2019 c5 Kyle
So it's wrong to separate blacks and whites (Jim Crow laws which by the way were all uniformly signed by Democrats that started the crap we are in today) yet it's not wrong to do the same thing with Muggles and Wizards? Talk about hypocrites!

Hillary did the exact same thing under Clinton's Presidency she railed on how nobody was allowed to talk bad about her husband (Whom he actually did have sex with his workers which isn't his own time) during George Bush Junior she turned the tables and yelled "We have the right to criticize any President we want!".

She acted as if everyone was taking her mic away which they weren't she had all the air time both back then and definitely now! During Obama's first reign they locked Republicans out of their building not letting them in and did votes behind closed doors.

This current Trump 'impeachment' (air quotes) is being done ALL wrong and for very good (in their minds) reason. They are NOT ever going to get to the 'votes' because they know it's all BS and they will by law have to take time out of their campaign to attend hearings. It's all a dog and pony show because they are not getting their way.
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