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for HP Year 5: When Worlds Collide

1/19/2019 c7 1BookObsessed3000
Try A Marauder’s Plan, it’s a nice one.
10/22/2017 c7 7Pepperonyfan1982
A good way to write' physical' chapters is to watch wrestling. I know it sounds ridiculous but it helps.
10/22/2017 c2 Pepperonyfan1982
One way to combat writers block when writing fan fiction is to re-read the source material.
10/13/2017 c21 12GayliensExist
This is a very big cliffhanger... I will have to read the next story to find out, I guess...
5/23/2017 c10 Marie
I don't know if you have already, or even if you'll see this, BUT PLEASEEEE REDO THE FOURTH YEAR! It was super good, and I'd love to get to read it again!
12/15/2016 c15 8Slytheringirle
loved the chapter! Know What? I don't usually read dimensions travel fics, you're right they're not my cup of tea, but yours was AMAZING!
12/15/2016 c12 Slytheringirle
Good chapter! To be honest at the begging I had some crazy idea that snape was held prison by voldemort who had suspected severus's loyalty to him and had sent one of his Death eaters to check his suspections, so expected a whole chapter of planning and bla bla bla...so, anyways it's a really good chapter, loved it!
11/19/2016 c17 2xirase
Thank God someone else likes Skillet
7/24/2016 c16 sal
Not a fan of this parallel world stuff, it's really put me off what was a brilliant story
9/14/2013 c21 catie-twilight-lover1
Sorry I wasent sighned in when I sent this before so the one that says the guest is me haha I should checked to see if I was sighned in before I sent it anyways This one was really good enjoyed it it totally had me freaking out all the way through and at the ending I was freaking out still am poor harry keep up the good work im enjoying this series :) you got awesome creativitie
9/14/2013 c21 Guest
This one was really good enjoyed it it totally had me freaking out all the way through and at the ending I was freaking out still am poor harry keep up the good work im enjoying this series :) you got awesome creativitie
8/18/2013 c1 35dem bones
I got a question just from stumbling on this series for the first time. I'm a bit leery of reading this because I'm not a fan of Abused! Self-harming! Harry and Guardian! Sirius but the ideas implemented in this series seem to be good so I'm wondering how exactly does Sirius being Harry's guardian influence all the events in later books I'm especially curious about how the dimension travel was implemented in the story. I'm also curious about the new History of Magic teacher and I'm wondering if there's a chance that I can be spoiled about that plotline as well and how it effects Harry's scar.
5/13/2013 c2 GlitterWithPride
I know you have already written the sequel to this and probably don't feel like reading any more James Comes Back, but if you do, check out SparkledDreams. She wrote a James Comes Back, called Until The Very End.
Hope this is helpful.
12/20/2011 c2 17Child of Dreams
I know lots of "Harry gets a second chance", "James turns up alive", and "Harry goes to an alternate universe" fics.

"Harry gets a second chance" fics:

1. Second Chance by PawPrintPajamas

2. Harry Potter and the Trip to the Past by Priya Ashok

3. A Tale of Two Destinies: The Stone by Wendi Jo Harper

"James turns up alive" fics:

1 Return of the Parents by AutumnBreeze12

2 Prongs Returns by sparkling-stone

3.The Track of a Storm by Lady Taliesin

4.Harry Potter and the Second Beginning by LoVinSoMe1SpeCiaL

5.Not for Anything: Discovering Hogwarts by Penitent Rebel

6.The Return of the Father by Stars Enchantress

7.Harry Potter and the Wish of Life by Usako3000

8.Return of the Heirs by Leath1

9.The Betrayal by Star Polaris

10.A Time of Secrecy by empathicallychosen

11.Impossibilities by tempest7

12.James and Harry by Alda MN

13.Prongs Rides Again by the-writer-1988

14.The Parents' Return by xAndromedaBlackx

15.The Coma Curse by Storm of Illusions

16.Still Breathing by Maraudersgirl89

17.Starseed by blackenedsoul

18.Nobody Said That It Was Easy by Nikikeya

19.Green Eyed Tears by Aeramus

20.Unforeseen by Neurotica

21.Harry Potter and the Unexpected Arrival by sunnysparkles

22.Harry Potter and the Dream Come True by grand admiral chelli

23.Dawn: The Fallen Angel by Cruel Reality

24.A Closer Look by Sparkling Patronus

25.Never Again by hedwig11445

"Harry goes to an alternate dimension" fics:

1. Through the Cupboard by Neurotica

2. Dimension Father by Bloody Phantom

3. The World Without Me by EternalCosmos

I really hope you like them.
4/28/2011 c15 Loki.Uusoae
The paralell world thing was a bit of a wtf moment, but it's working I think.
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