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for Crying, waiting, hoping

12/27/2007 c1 1Hysteria2011
I personally love! Please update soon =)
12/26/2007 c1 7MissRe
I enjoyed the beginning. It's a great way to take them out of the tv show and put your own spin on it. Great job.
12/26/2007 c1 3AlwaysShipping1
Great start. Love the concept. Can't wait to read more. Update as soon as you can!

12/26/2007 c1 LDarcy

I like to different twist you have given this story... I like it and look forward to more of this...

Please stay interested in your story, I understand sometimes it gets all too much to finish one, but this one has heaps of potential

Cheers for now

Happy Holidays!

Lizzy :-)
12/26/2007 c1 DinuDinuDinu
Am I the only one that felt the need to google Kyrgyzstan? LOL!

So they're both there, it's fate! Hahah, why did Vivian say "Be nice"? Can't wait to see what's in store for our dreamy couple!

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