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for Defense Association: Year One

1/22/2008 c3 3darknessmolded
Great chapter. I love Shep he is the cutest.
1/22/2008 c3 4hemotem
Good chapter thank you. What house are you going to put him into I do hope you don't put him into Grif or Slytherin Ravenclaw would be a good choice to make what he precives as a decent house. Thank you again and I do hope to see more soon.

1/22/2008 c3 9KaiPhoenix
I really liked this version of the train ride and the boats...I eagerly await your sorting scene

...and nice way for Harry to get Hedwig
1/21/2008 c3 Zoroz
good chapter, yosh he's at hogwarts :P
1/21/2008 c3 11T. E. Rankin
great chapter Can't wait to read the next one, keep up the good work!
1/21/2008 c2 2Phnxfyr1
great idea and i love it
1/18/2008 c2 2Dnic5
I like it and hope that you update again soon.
1/18/2008 c2 6tgobg
Wow, you really did a good job with this story and combining the two crossovers. I can't wait until more chapters come out and hope you dont abandon this story :p
1/15/2008 c2 9KaiPhoenix
hm...I do like how you crossed it over with Naruto without making Harry too super powered and I really enjoyed the Pokemon addition..that's one of the harder ones, I think, to cross over without it coming across as too young or making Pokemon grow up too quickly...at least, from what I understand about the show

I also really liked Harry's intro into the Wizarding World by McGonagall, that isn't used as much as some others
1/14/2008 c2 11T. E. Rankin
great story, I relly like this type, and good crossover with Pokemon, I don't think I've ever read a good one of those, untill yours. Please update soon!
1/13/2008 c2 hpfananita
Nice start to your story, I'm looking forward to reading about when harry realises nobody else at the school can do what he can.
1/4/2008 c2 tony
i love it...it seems realistic that a young boy would try to do the things that he sees on the tv. i hope you update soon!
1/2/2008 c2 3darknessmolded
Your story is great and can't wait to see what happens next.
12/30/2007 c2 Morgan Daratrazanoff
Great story! Update soon! Fix Harry's eyes and have Harry become an animagus! Update soon!
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