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for Defense Association: Year One

12/28/2007 c1 1Sefirot
Great prologue. At first I was a little exceptical with the pokemon crossover but I like the idea so far. Is well written and easy to read so continue please. One question, this fic is going to cover only the first year of the HP series? Update soon please.
12/27/2007 c2 a fan
an... intresting idea. it was very well written and i hope to see an update of it soon
12/27/2007 c2 Memory King
No worries, I've definitely seen much worse. Liking this story so far, and I hope you take care of Quirrell quickly, especially since Harry's getting a bit suspicious of him. Looking forward to more!
12/27/2007 c2 1I H8 Clowns Productions
I really enjoyed it this time. More than the prologue. No Pokemon or Naruto...except 4 that one sentence. And i especially liked the way Harry met Hermione.

Your fellow author,

Anomynous slytherin Girl
12/27/2007 c1 I H8 Clowns Productions
Question. are you a pokemon/naruto finatic! if you are that might explain why theres so much of that weird stuff. Despite the fact that i hate pokemon and naruto, I really enjoyed the fact that Harry wanted to be a ninja.

Your fellow author,

Anomynous Slytherin Girl

P.S. In book 5 of HP Tonks mentions to harry about being a metamorphagus which, can change their physical appearance. Harry says that he would like to learn how to be one which therefore means that Harry could never have done that whole changing thing or else he would've learned to disappear that scar and Wouldn't have people staring at it all the time.

Also, I don't think they have Pokemon or naruto in Great Britan. Correct me if i'm wrong
12/27/2007 c2 chaos-no-kyuubi
good story m8
12/27/2007 c2 Zoroz
interesting fic, shows promise. more please :)
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