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for Maybe this Christmas

7/12/2009 c2 17Caos Accidentale
LOL! Loved this fic. Especially liked Abby's "Night Before Christmas" and the teasing in the 2nd chapter about giving Gibbs the same "gift" and the "nothing special"/"not what I was told" bit. And of course the Very Unexpected Ending. lol.
3/26/2009 c2 rosecoloredskies
love the kinky little ending.


maybe a sequel in store?

cause there totally should be.

shouldn't just leave us hanging.
2/7/2009 c2 6The PhantomHokage
It's an ok story but quite the cliff hanger you just kinda left their
12/14/2008 c2 1angelwhisper526
Ooh! No fair! You must update most quickly! I really like this story!
12/29/2007 c2 1Corabe
You are incredibly evil, letting my mind run off with me on the possibilities that these three could get up to. I love this! Totally rocks!

You're still evil for ending it there, but you rock!

12/28/2007 c2 148divine one
“OK” Abby said out loud “Got to watch the caffeine intake, I almost confused myself.”

12/28/2007 c2 2Lilith-kv
lol kinky. I love it. Especaly the ending.

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