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4/13/2010 c5 1wingedangel791
OMG how could you Syaoran... I'm hating you right now... thats right go and chase after her you idiot :P


plz. plz update :) Love the story
4/1/2009 c5 3rosedreamer101
eh? wow this was a fast story...
3/26/2009 c5 63Armageddon Angel
A rare concept. It isn't often that an author has Sakura disguise herself like that. I would have been happier though if you would have expanded the concept a bit more. Maybe had another chapter with just Sakura/Ayame's interaction with Syaoran and how it affected her. The first chapter and the revelation chapter seemed too short in my opinion.

But what happened afterwards is great. I am proud that you didn't do the "I see the error of my ways" thing so quickly and you had Sakura repel herself from Syaoran. Great. Just great.

Now the little cliffhanger has me worried. Not because I believe that Syaoran's dead or hurt or anything. It's because I see that there's an easy way out. Some authors that I've read would use this opportunity to do the "I never meant to hurt you" dealie that sort of ruins the righteous anger. Then they get together again and it's happily ever after blah blah blah. But, then again, I also hope that Sakura doesn't disdain him. What I hope is that the reaction is somewhere in between. She doesn't like him but neither does she hate him. I hope that.

Well, I'll be watching out for this story
3/26/2009 c5 yingfa07

update! looking forward what will happen next!

3/25/2009 c5 3staleesha

p.s. a cliffhanger...i'll look forward for the next chapter.
3/23/2009 c5 10Shiona Acitiu
Whoa!I hope he does die and I hope Kitsune gets an ass whooping!
3/22/2009 c5 11winterkaguya
So, Syaoran thinks by committing suicide he'll think Sakura will go back to him? Sheesh...what he did was worst and poor Sakura, she had her heartbroken to pieces, betrayed by her so-called 'bestfriend'...I wonder what the trio is going to do? I shudder to think what Touya is going to do when he finds out what happened to his baby sister...

Update soon!

And yeah...happy birthday too~
3/22/2009 c5 Mishrav Mikura
Happy birthday :)

wah! syaoran!

11/14/2008 c4 3staleesha
Please update soon!
9/14/2008 c4 Mishrav Mikura
Update please! XD
3/26/2008 c4 9Moonlight Petal
Update soon!
3/14/2008 c4 1bluestarmanga
woo hoo an update

and congrats!

and omg tsk tsk Syaoran that what he gets lol

please update soon
3/14/2008 c4 3rosedreamer101
omg please update!
3/14/2008 c4 11winterkaguya
serve syaoran right! hehehehe...i just love tat revenge plan...besides, i hope sakura & the girls could teach syaoran a lesson...a very big fat lesson...

update soon!
3/13/2008 c4 animefan88tv
wow great story! cant wait for the next chap
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